NSAC Unanimously Approves TRT Ban For MMA Fighters, UFC Quickly Follows Suit


With the topic of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) one of the most hotly debated, overblown, and controversial topics in all of MMA, it appears that the therapy has been banned in the area it was focused on most.

Making a huge stride towards banning its highly controversial use in fighting, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) decided today to ban TRT for all MMA bouts within its state limits.

The state commission unanimously approved a motion to ban all therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) for use prior to bouts. All future applicants will be denied as well as all those who have been granted TUEs in the past.

The UFC rapidly followed suit today, as White told MMAFighting.com that the promotion would support the commission and ban all TUEs for TRT:

“We follow Nevada,” White said. “[I’m] pumped! Couldn’t wait for that garbage to go away.”

That obviously throws a big wrench in future middleweight title challenger Vitor Belfort, who has said that he “needs” TRT as his medicine, and that he would be applying for and most likely get a TUE to use TRT for his May 24 UFC 173 main event title fight against Chris Weidman. The NSAC was set to review their policy concerning TRT use prior to Belfort’s application for a TUE before UFC 173.

It looks like those plans are going to be changed quite drastically, however.

Belfort previously said he would stop using the therapy for a shot at Weidman’s belt anyway, so we’ll see how much of an effect this announcement has on “The Phenom’s” otherworldly speed and knockout power.

TRT fell under extreme fire after ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” reported that an unusually high number of MMA fighters applied for and were granted TUEs as compared to other sports.The report may have had something to do with today’s motion, but TRT was clearly becoming a black eye in the sport, and it’s good to see the NSAC take some decisive action.

Chairman Bill Brady summed up the moral dilemma present in making sure that fights were fair in Nevada, an aspect that ultimately lead to TRT being banned:

“I know in granting TUEs for TRT in the past, it caused me a great burden because there is always a person there fighting on the other side who isn’t asking for anything, who is going to be tested, who is going to be tested randomly, and is clean.

So I think we have an obligation to the fighter who doesn’t want an exemption and is clean; an obligation to them to make sure they’re getting an honest and fair fight. So if this takes away that judgment that I have never liked, that I’ve been uncomfortable when I’ve been involved in it, then I think this is an appropriate motion and one that I support.”

The NSAC also urged other state athletic commissions to follow their lead.

This is sure to ruffle some feathers. What are your thoughts on the commission’s shocking ban?

  • best possible news!

    • Wow this is shocking, and it F'ed a lot of fighters, including all the cards to be held in Nevada which is a good amount for the UFC, this will hurt their bottom line for sure.

      • I disagree. Mostly everyone who was on TRT was losing. It's an overrated and overblown therapy that definitely does not guarantee a card will be good. Far from it, in fact.

        • Im saying fights could get scrapped without time for replacements, and some names that draw money wont be able to compete any more.

          • your winner, and stiiillllll middleweight champion of the world……

        • Mike

          Unless you know of absolutely everyone who has been using TRT then you actually don't know whether or not the therapy is overblown, isn't that correct?

    • Belfort withdraws already…….what is he going to do now….with out TRT….
      I get as get older fighters do blood work for fights all time and if you have been fighting
      for awhile they can figure out average for each fighter from all past testing but damn
      have you seen the 142 Vlog with Dana when he is Chewing on a rag of ice ….lol… Vitor looks crazy …lol.( count might be lil elevated)… so yea what will he do now surely he can fight without it I mean he was fighting for BELT!!!! and know he cant…… what has happen to my GREAT Brazilian fighters use to be badasss fight anyone, any size,.. anytime …… now seem to cry and complain alot….Where are the old school badass..

      • all joking aside why would he withdraw if he is only controlling his T levels and keeping at a average would think he would be able to stop and be able to be back to his regular T count reasonably fast… guess I just dont know enough about it

    • This is terrible news!!! If you thought TRT was a black eye for the sport wait until more fighters keep getting popped for he juice and don't have TRT to hide behind. It's the same as the NFL. There's no possible way these guys can perform without some kind of PED usage. It's naïve to think a majority of pro athletes don't use them. And they will continue to use them in the UFC and Dana will now have an even bigger problem on his hands. But I'm assuming most people would like to see that.

  • don't surprised if from here on out all of Vitor's victories become unanimous decisions until the end of his career (reminds me of Pacquiao after blood testing negotiations with Floyd and steroid accusations)

    • Sure because Belfort doesn't have around 13 KO's before his winning streak in the UFC with TRT.
      Because we all know that normal range of testosterone in a men via treatment gives you somehow super power in your punches sure!
      Because all fighters using TRT like Frank Mir for example has not lost 4 in a row since he started using TRT.
      Yeah it makes all the difference , a quick advice if you don't know what you are talking about just shut your stupid mouth !

      • I agree with you but I also disagree, being on TRT or even a testosterone booster gives a person the ability to train harder/more without the risk of overuse injuries that would debilitate a fighters (at ages over 30) ability to put 100% in the gym. It's without question that since Vitor's abilities have drastically improved since he's been on TRT, I'm interested to see how he performs now without it.

      • You can't compare fighters records who are on TRT, it's totally irrelevant. There are so many variables in the sport that little things can hugely impact one fighter, while large things may not bother another fighter at all. Belfort's main tool is his striking, the older people get the slower they move and therefore punch; it's natural.

        TRT unquestionably makes people faster, stronger and with more confidence, there is no denying that. So having TRT will dramatically benefit a striker, especially one who has slowed down with old age.

        But with grapplers it's a different story, no matter what anyone says. It's a lot easier to throw a punch or a kick than it is to land a submission, which is almost entirely skill. So while having TRT will improve your speed, strength etc. it's not going to benefit you as much if your mainly a grappler.

        You've also got to consider the quality of opponent which both are fighting, note how Chael Sonnen may have a bad record recently. But he has only lost to the same people Belfort has, bar Evans, he has just fought them closer together.

        That's not even getting started really, so many different elements which affect things in this sport.

      • If it doesnt give you an unfair advantage, then why are they banning it? Why is everyone calling them cheats? That is all.

      • Rigo but Mir could be using it to compete even or slightly over maybe a 2:1 ratio where as Vitor could be pumping himself full of juice all camp making sure to level out to the 6:1 "legal limit" that was allowed.

      • Hey Rigo he was caught roiding before his TRT, what makes you think he ever played fair?

  • I think that many fighters are second guessing their ability, and seeing TRT as an option to reinvent their careers when in reality they probably don't need it.

    All this is going to do is make a whole heap of fighters say I'm not available in Nevada but im ok for brasil….

    If the UFC were so concerned about TRT like they say they would simply put it into their contracts…Once again Dana talks tough but does nothing when he has all the power in the world..

    • If the UFC are following the NSAC tho as Dana said, then they will also stop granting TUE's in Brazil or anywhere where they regulate an event id presume

      • @Buster…Are they saying they will follow suit in Nevada or universally??

        • If dana is banning TRT abroad then I would say job well done…He has been sitting on the fence forever on this issue

        • “The Ultimate Fighting Championship fully supports the decision made today by the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding the immediate termination of therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). We believe our athletes should compete based on their natural abilities and on an even playing field. We also intend to honor this ruling in international markets where, due to a lack of governing bodies, the UFC oversees regulatory efforts for our live events. We encourage all athletic commissions to adopt this ruling.”

      • Buster – Brazil has its own commission that has advised the media that they will not follow what the NSAC does, but they will re look at exemptions (so its still a possibility).

  • This is a major step, great news. I can easily see the rest of the U.S.A. going this way as well and Europe close behind.

  • Hallelujah!

    "[I'm] pumped! Couldn't wait for that garbage to go away.”

    I'm pumped as well, baby Hitler.

    Does this mean Chael Sonnen will not be fighting for too long? Yes, yes, yes.

  • So.. after Vitor "still" knocks Weidman the fuck out in a couple of months, i hope we never ever need to have anymore senseless discussions about his ability and the "so called" super human strength he allegedly required by TRT. This is gonna be fun….!

    • Well, when he knocks Weidman out, which I'm looking forward to, some of us will not be questioning Vitor's ability. TRT is still cheating, though.

    • I still think the effects and benefits of trt will be in his system for the next ten years XP…get ready for some excuses !! lol

    • A KO can happen with or without TRT, performance will diminish without TRT.

    • "after Vitor "still" knocks Weidman the fuck out i"

      … just like Anderson was supposed to, right?

    • D

      I think you mean after Vitor watches Machida fight Weidman in a couple months.

  • If you take steroids, part of your punishment should be having to serve out your career with low testosterone as part of your punishment. Taking steroids in and of itself isn't a big deal, but when your job is to go out there and try to beat a guy unconscious, taking steroids is super serious, in my opinion. Not to mention, if steroids are used rampantly, even people who don't want to take them will start to take them because they have to in order to be able to compete and train at the same level. TRT is a crutch for people who take steroids which is reckless and immoral in the fight game…

    • And of course, I don't mean that they should lower people's testosterone… but rather, letting the side effects of steroid abuse run their own course without correcting it with TRT. Make it so that the risk of the consequences of taking steroids aren't worth the benefits of taking steroids.

  • fucking game changer!

  • My money's all on Weidman

    • My money has been on Weidman. If Chris feels threatened at all by Vitor's punching, he'll put Vitor on his back and finish him there.
      As far as TRT, I could care less really.

    • Mines been on Weidman since July 7th last year.


  • Not saying the decision is bad….but I guess it was ok when Hendo and Chael were doing it….now that Vitor is KOing fools left and right it is suddenly not cool anymore…..

    • Most didn't know Hendo was on it and There was a sh*t storm over Chael.

  • Let them take whatever. You're dumb if you don't think
    Most of these pro s juice or take GH which there is No
    Test for. More test means more aggressive fighters
    More knock outs more fun.