Media Writer compares womens MMA to porn, calls the sport a “gruesome display”


Dave Begel, a contributing writer with the sports section of, was recently brought on to an episode of Inside MMA in order to further explain his comments regarding the sport of mixed martial arts, and his ludacris analysis of womens MMA, more specifically referencing the Rousey vs Carmouche fight.

For some interesting banter between Bas, Kenny and Mr. Begel, check out the video below. I’m sure you’ll let us know what you think in the comments , so I won’t even ask you to do so.

  • One positive thing to look for in the near future is this guy kicking the bucket. Way out of touch with MMA and any other contact sport. Saying women can't do it or shouldn't be in MMA is sexist. Rousey /Carmouche are highly trained and skilled fighters. Old perv needs a reality check to say the least.

    • gm1

      No seriously this guy is a PERVERT….

      Any other womans sport or sport where women compete is just a competition. This piece of cr#p needs to get his head out of the gutter. Loser, Fat *** wife at home.

    • maybe this guy has a fantasies with ronda rousey, or her opponent or maybe with the boss mr Dana White himself, i think this guy is a pervert and stupid who loves to watch guys fighting naked.

    • Like MMA, **** would be a gruesome display if this old bag of wrinkled fat were in it…

      Actually I would like to hear his wifes opinion of him in his birthday suit… that is unless she killed herself via rear naked choke to avoid such an attrocity.

      and lastly…
      For fighters like myself who go fishing instead of smoking the herb (no judgement intended)… the last time I saw a mouth like this guy has was on Sunday at the end of a fish hook.

  • It's obvious that this fantasy exists in some men and would cause women's MMA to be appealing for that reason. I agree with that much. However, the fact that there is this fantasy that exists does not mean that women fighting is an exploitation. They are the ones choosing to fight — it's their personal choices that cause them to fight. That's not exploiting women.

    • Ya tell Ronda Rousey's banker how explooited she was that. I suppose it would be better for her if she went back to bartending where the amount she makes in a night is directly proportionate to how much cleavage she's showing and how much she pretends to let guys think they have a chance at boning her.

    • you obviously don't get it. The women need to be in the kitchen cooking the dinner, doing the laundry and making sure the house is clean. (irony ;))

      There really are people around who just don't evolve with the rest of us.

  • I have never fantasised about Rhonda Rousey and Gina Carano rolling around in my bed practising jujitsu….

    I feel insulted by this guy.

  • The only gruesome display is his eyebrows

  • there is no doubt in my mind that some women dress to impress in MMA but it is pretty soft for ****. Bar the t*tty shows we sometimes get. But I hardly believe they wanted it to go that far on purpose. I sure Dana likes it when screw ups like that happen though as he knows the ratings will be up next time women fight.

  • Did he really just suggest we'd learn something new and then procede to tell us some men may like lesbians? Someone call up the New York Times we can still make the front page!

  • If that old fart had of been in the TV studio Bas would have dropped him with a liver shot

  • Of course MMA appeals to our instinctual nature, but that doesn't mean it can't be civilized. It's purpose is competition, there aren't hordes of men who enter the sport of mixed martial arts with the sole intention of inflicting pain upon other men. That's outlandish. Most fighters would end the fight with as little pain and struggle as possible if they had their way. The goal is to incapacitate your opponent, not hurt them, like most if not all grappling sports. Then the senile rant about lesbian fantasies, ugh give me a break.

    Hopefully this moron won't be allowed much forum in the community of the public that is unexposed to MMA.

  • This guy is a clown.

  • “Let me tell you something, you uneducated fool"

    • m

      What ?

  • LMFAO!!….why do we still even entertain these peoples so obviously un-educated opinions about a sport they know absolutely nothing about…..i mean, likening womens MMA to ****??!… obviously speaking from a personal point of view then…..Some of these people jusy have blinkers on pretty much and refuse to learn more about the sport……i don't think we'll see much more of this kind of slander thankfully as this guy is a dying breed…..along with most of his opinions….If you're going to ridicule or slander something….whatever it might be….at least learn something about the said 'thing' so you at least sound like you actually KNOW what you're talking about and don't sound like just another bigot…..these interviews shouldn't even be wasting space on these websites…..too much MMA to cover….don't give these idiots any coverage….they're just SO not relevant these days….

  • Why does anyone care what this fat tub of sh*t has to say?

  • This guy is SPOT ON!
    We need more brave old souls like him to speak out against womens MMA!
    More women in the cage = less women in the kitchen = hungry men = violent men = cereal rapists!!!
    This guy is trying to save society as a whole, and we are all too blind to see it!
    Bravo Mr. Begel!

  • The man has a right to his own opinion. He's a f**king idiot but its his opinion. In the words of Mr. Dana White, "If you don't like it then don't F**king watch." I'm sure we and the world of MMA will all do just fine without Mr. Begel and his awkward opinions.