Mark Hunt: Everything Alistair Overeem has accomplished is now meaningless


“I don’t take that sh-t and no one else should take that sh-t. If they’re taking it, then that’s on them. Alistair Overeem got caught and that’s his problem – now he’s dealing with it. A lot of people get caught and that’s what happens to them. Everything else he’s done, like his titles and all of that, they’re all meaningless now. At the end of the day, he just got caught cheating, so did he cheat to win those titles? What’s the deal with that? When I fought him, I lost to him, but did he use that sh-t when I was fighting him? That’s on him. He has to live with that sh-t, not me.

Honestly, I don’t give a damn if they’re on drugs or not, I’ll knock their head off. I don’t give damn. At the end of the day, steroids isn’t going to help them when I hit them. That’s the way I feel about it when I go into the octagon with anyone. If their taking steroids, take it – take it as much as you like. That’s just my take on it. They can take it all they like, but steroids are not going to help you when you get hit in the teeth.” – For more from Mark Hunt‘s appearance on “The MMA Hour,” visit

Mark Hunt doesn’t give a damn if you take steroids – he’ll still knock your head off.

That’s according to the Super Samoan himself, who says that his take on the whole PED subject is simple – none of it’s going to help when someone punches you in the mouth.

Already an oft-debated topic in the mixed martial arts community, fuel was added to the fire when number-one Heavyweight contender, Alistair Overeem, recently tested postive for abnormally high levels of testosterone. A former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 Kickboxing Champion, Overeem currently stands as, perhaps, the most decorated Heavyweight in the sport, but according to Hunt, that’s all become meaningless now in light of his test results. But, what do you think LowKick’ers? If the Dutchman is proven guilty at his NSAC hearing, is his legacy forever spoiled, or could this be an isolated incident?

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  • I’ve never been a big Hunt fan, but hey, kudos to him for what he said above.
    I still think Mir should get the shot or that they should postpone the HW title fight until AFTER Hunt’s fight and Mir V Velasquez to determine a new No. 1.

    Otherwise, it would look a lot to me like what Strikeforce does and what UFC USED to do. Giving title shots to guys who don’t deserve it.

    Velasquez getting the shot would be bogus: he got his head blasted off by JDS, and hasn’t built any reason for him to get another shot.

    Hunt has beaten Tuchsherer (trash), Rothwell (trash), and Kongo (gatekeeper, at best) after going on a losing streak that saw him fall to the likes of McCorkle (mediocre at best), Gegard Mousasi (LHW), and Melvin Manhoef (again, mediocre at best.)
    Nothing against Hunt (except his shitty cardio) but he hasn’t done anything to earn a shot.

    At least Mir’s on a legit (albeit somewhat less than spectacular) winning streak. Nelson and Nogueira were arguably top 10-15 when he fought them, whereas Rothwell, Tuchsherer, and Kongo barely register in the division (well. . . maybe Kongo at the low-end of the top 10-15.)

    Anyone remember the dark days of Tito’s LHW reign? Yuki Kondo? Elvis Sinosic? Seriously?
    I don’t want that again, except in HW.
    Let’s not go backwards. . . especially not with the marquee title (whether you like it or not, the HW title is the marquee of any combat sport for laymen and many diehards like me, as well.)

  • Mark Hunt is the man!!!

  • @HunterB. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good guy, and I think he may SOMEDAY deserve a title shot.

    Let him beat Struve if he can, then give him a top-five HW (JDS, Alistair, Cain, Mir, Carwin) depending on who is holding the belt. . . which, for the record, I don’t predict will be JDS very much longer.

    But right now. . . come on. Tuchsherer? Kongo? F’ing Rothwell in one of the ugliest fights I’ve ever seen?

    He can’t get the shot. . . He hasn’t shown brilliance even in the fights WITH those crap guys.

  • I’m waiting for the hearing before I judge, if I was an Athlete I would hope for the same.
    Although Alistair could help out his image more by releasing a statement.

  • It’s a real shame. What Hunt says is true. This leaves a big massive ? mark over Ubereem’s career. Everyone already kinda knew what was going on, but this just underlines it.

    I didn’t even care if he had juiced in the past. I thought he might be clever enough to not get caught in the UFC.

    He’s ruined it now though and i’m so annoyed because I was so pumped for this fight that I don’t care what happens to him.
    You don’t stay in Japan and suddenly gain 50 pounds of all muscle and no fat in 2 years!

    He’s probably buying from Lorenzo!

    Sad thing is he’s good enough to be a beast without the junk. Guess it shows no matter how big you get you can still be mentally weak.

  • You know Hunt fought Reem and owned him?
    Joking but they did fight but all that happened was Overeem got a quick TD and a nasty armlock to finish.

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    Damn right Mark Hunt.

    Who needs steroids?

    Cheeseburgers are the way to go.

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    Actually, Hunt landed a big shot, slammed Overeem, and then got caught in the arm lock…probably not the best strategic move considering Overeem’s experience on the ground.

  • D

    Was he really “good enough to be a beast without the junk?”

    He was a very good fighter at 205…but not nearly what he has been recently at 265.

    I seriously doubt he would have gotten this big without cheating, and I somehow don’t think a 235-245 pound Overeem would be the same type of wrecking machine in the HW division.

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  • Struve’s got a lot better chance of developing into something worthwhile than Hunt. Hunt’s got about one or two good years left, and that’s optimistic. Dude’s 38.

    Also, yes, Hunt should have to go through Struve -as it’s planned- before he gets to a remotely top tier.

    I’m sorry, I seem to remember what actually happened. Hunt got owned by McCorkle. McCorkle got owned by Struve.

    Is everyone else forgetting that Hunt hasn’t done anything relevant but me? I don’t have a ton of faith in Struve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could beat Mark Hunt.

  • All of this deserve shit gets in the way. We fans want fights–preferably with the champ and number one contender–but if the number one contender screws up at the last moment–we need a last moment replacement–and Mark Hunt would be an excellent fill-in.

    A fight between JDS and Hunt would likely be a HEAVY DUTY and technical strkiing match.

    I still want to see Mir and Caine–and the winner can still take on the champ next.

  • Mark Hunt is riding a winning streak against mediocre to average UFC fighters. Before that, he has SIX consecutive losses to the like of Sean McCorkle (?!), Melvin Manhoef, and Mousasi…All these losses were decisive (5 submissions and a KO). Now, how does that make him a top contender for the UFC crown??!! Were they all juiced up??!! We all agree he’s such an exciting warrior who can sell fights, but he’s not earned a title shot yet…Had he defeated someone of Mir’s caliber, then there’s some good argument for a title contendership status, but as of now, he’s still proving himself…
    Furthermore, we need to wait for the hearing outcome to judge Overeem…In my book, he’s still the top contender…

  • Overeem accepted that fight on a 2-day notice. He was almost 15 pounds lighter than Hunt, and he beat the Samoan less than 3 minutes into the first round by pure technique, an armbar submission…Mark Hunt lost fair and square to the Reem, even though he was the bigger, stronger and probably more prepared fighter…Please watch the fight guys before you start singing praises to Hunt while demonizing the Reem…

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  • i agree and look at Mark came to fight cause it was still on his contract
    two fights later might be for the belt crazy

  • Yea, he never really added anything of value to the site and now definitely needs to go.

    Oh, and just to rub salt in the wound, Hunt was a better K-1 fighter. He won the tourney back when it was stacked. Overeem won a watered down version juiced up so much his neck looked like it was going to explode.

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  • Agreed. Was the guy that beat Paul Buentello (a decent version 5 years ago), and lost Kharitonov really that good? He was always well rounded, but he became the wrecking machine that was Ubereem after putting 20-25 lbs of muscle.

  • “A fight between JDS and Hunt would likely be a HEAVY DUTY and technical strkiing match.”

    Do we really know that it will be though? JDS took down Carwin at will when he decided to use wrestling. What’s to say he doesn’t decide to show off his ground game against a guy who was tapped out by McCorkle in 3 minutes? Then what are we as fans left with? A dominant champion taking on an 8-7 fighter.

  • sorry dude, take all the roids you want, it doesnt make you a better fighter. it doesnt help your angles and how and when your brain reacts to situations.

  • True, but it helps when your fist/knee/shin/elbow lands against somebody else’s body. Also it helps when you can grab a hold of a professional fighter, and rag doll them like they are nothing.

    PED’s help immensely. That’s why the acronym is PED for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

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  • but at the same time, i think Hunt might be worthwhile where he is at

  • So confused. He says everything Reem has accomplished is meaningless ( I have to agree w/ that ) then he goes on to contradict himself saying steroids don’t help ( can’t agree w/ that in the slightest ). He shoulda stuck w/ the steroids are cheating crap, that was earning him a title shot.

  • It should be Hunt cuz he can KO anyone on this planet.
    If its Hunt fight wont be a “super gay greg jackson style” technikal ” i touch you more so i win”
    He will bring hell of a fight and even if he lose he will war and lose…
    So yes even after 6 lose still Hunt is the MAN!

  • It worked for Dan Hardy

  • There really is only one man for the job…

    Randy Couture get your old ass back out of retirement!

  • @ Entity. That’s probably what it was. . . He saw Chael in my profile pic and just boiled over with rage until he decided to take it out on Hunter.

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    Something like that. 🙂

  • @ Hunter. You may be right, but I just can’t personally believe in him as a title contender, yet. He needs a couple good, quality wins first.

    But, hey, he could go in there and KO JDS, and I would be eating some serious crow. After all, if he won the belt, how could I bitch that he wasn’t a legit contender?

    Still hope Frank gets the nod, though. . . I’d rather not see Hunt V JDS for the title.

  • Come on, Hunter, Rangers? You’re killin’ me, sir.

    Cin City Reds all the way, baby. Votto’s home to stay. 🙂

  • Please. . . Please, no. . .lol.
    That’s almost as bad as saying, “Chuck! It’s your time again. . . You just gotta beat JDS.” lol.

    Besides, don’t encourage Randy. . . He might listen to that kind of thing. lol.

  • Please realize ‘the reem’ just got caught cheating with steroids before you start defending him.

  • Hunt you need to shut up and get through Pat Barry and Roy Nelson before you are even thought of for a contenders match.

    Overeem should be banned from MMA for life cheating loser.

  • actually you’re right, my bad been a while since i saw the fight and couldn’t be bothered looking it up just for the comment, thanks for reminding me though.