Kevin Lee Reveals What Will Be Tony Ferguson’s Downfall At UFC 216

Mandatory Credit: Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Lee is ready to become a UFC champion, but he’ll have to get past Tony Ferguson who has been on an epic roll as of late.

There has been a ton of trash talk between Lee and Ferguson, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect each other as fighters. During a recent media luncheon Lee gave “El Cucuy” props for his ridiculous toughness inside the Octagon – but also said that could lead to his downfall (quotes via MMA Mania):

“When you look at it, and you say a man is tough — and that’s his biggest attribute — that ain’t good for him,” Lee said. “He talks about all this training in the mountains and running with the bears. That just means he’s going to take a longer ass-whooping.”

Another reason Lee believes he’ll get the better of the former Ultimate Fighter winner is because he doesn’t see any evolution in Ferguson’s game:

“He does well, and I’ve always given Tony respect.… But, I think the dude is full of himself,” Lee said. “I think he feels himself. He feels like … I don’t know. I’m going to show all the holes in his game. I don’t think he goes back and fills up those holes. Every time, win, lose or draw for me, I go back, I reassess my skills, I see where I need to make improvements, and I do. And I don’t think he does that.

“If you stop evolving, you start dying,” Lee concluded. “And I’m ready to go kill him.”

  • Murderous1

    It will be a great fight I don’t care who wins McChicken is scared of both of them and Khabib and will retire before fighting any of the three what do you mcnuggets have to say about that

    • steven

      Well said. I can dig it.