Joanna Jedrzejczyk Promises To Submit Rose Namajunas If Taken Down


UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s mixed martial arts (MMA) record remains unblemished, but 25-year-old title challenger Rose Namajunas is looking to change that November 4th.

Jedrzejczyk and Namajunas will collide in the co-main event of the UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) from Madison Square Garden in New York City on a card that features three total championship fights. Jedrzejczyk is currently 14-0 in her MMA career and has dominated the UFC’s 115-pound weight-class throughout her run as champion.

After defeatig the likes of challengers such as Claudia Gadelha, Karolina Kowalkiewicz, and Jessica Andrade, it’s now Namajunas’ turn to try her hand at taking down “Joanna Champion.” While Jedrzejczyk is the heavy favorite to retain her title for the sixth time many believe that “Thug” can pull off the upset on the ground via submission.

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Namajunas has submitted talent like Michelle Waterson, Paige VanZant, and Angela Hill in her career while earning five of her six career wins via submission. During a recent media call Jedrzejczyk addressed the notion that she would struggle against Namajunas on the ground, and claimed if the fight found its way to the floor she herself would win a submission victory of her own (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“You know who is training at ATT? … BJJ world champions,” Jedrzejczyk said.

“There is something about me they don’t know. We can talk about this fight — how it’s going to look, how is she going to show up, how am I going to show up — but I’m taking care of how I’m going to look on Nov. 4, and I know I’m ready but they are not ready for me. You will never understand the [dedication] of my person and my fighting career, of me being a champion. And the thing is, you don’t see me on the ground, but I feel pretty confident on the ground.

“Everything is on-point. I know that she’s tricky, she’s sneaky, and her ground game is very good, that she’s going for submissions. Rear-naked chokes are her thing. But man, first of all, if she wants to take me down, if she wants me to submit, she must go through the punches and kicks. And if she wants to play on the ground, I will play on the ground and choke her out. That’s the thing.”

  • Seven30

    I love JJ, but now she sounds a bit ridiculous. If she tries to grapple with Rose, she won’t even come close to a submission, barring damn near knocking Rose out & jumping on her for the finish while Rose is hurt. Other than that, she won’t even come close. In fact, that’s the one area she should be somewhat fearful of Rose.

    • Charle

      I totally agree with you Seven30. It will be interesting to see the reality verses these word games that JJ is saying. Rose is keeping a low key composure which to me is a good thing to all the provoking talk that JJ is saying about her which gives me the idea that Rose is in a good place mentally. Rose has improve with every win and even loses. Most people don’t realize that Rose only had 3 pro fights coming into the UFC and of course her improvement will be huge because of her athleticism. For JJ to talk like she can submit Rose who is a brown belt in Bjj but whose abilities are more of a black belt…JJ is really pushing it! Much of JJ ground game has been more about defense and not offense. You just can’t create that over night. Rose has been grappling since she was 16 years old and is a natural wrestler/grappler. Plus Rose’s speed and footwork is better then any fighter JJ has face so far. IMO, Rose will do the cat and mouse with JJ. If JJ is aggressive, then Rose will be the mouse. If JJ isn’t aggressive, then Rose will be the cat. I believe the strategy will be to put pressure on JJ to react and get her off balance. Rose has enough speed to make it difficult for JJ to striker cleanly. This will be a challenging fight for JJ and mainly because of Rose being able to take opponents back in standing position on the cage. It is Rose’s crazy spider abilities that makes her a threat in those transition situations. To me, JJ is only talking this way because she is nervous about Rose. JJ may still win this fight but personally, I believe Rose may be ready for a peak performance. If Rose is in the zone with her movement and confidence level, we may see a very shocking event. A Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey event…

      • Seven30

        I think Rose’s length & athleticism could really help her. Front kicks & teeps to help control distance. If she has any success keeping JJ on the outside, JJ may be forced to get creative & a bit risky looking to get into scoring range. This could help Rose time something to get it to the ground. I don’t think Rose is technical enough to beat JJ in an all-out striking affair, but if she can keep JJ from gaining those dominant angles & stringing together combinations, she can turn the match into more of a chess match & find an opening to pull off the upset. It’ll be tough, but JJ’s arrogance could land her in trouble. Honestly, I didn’t want this fight for Rose just yet. I think she is a year or two away from really coming into her own & I don’t want her taking too much damage while growing. People forget how young she is. I definitely think she is a future champion. I’ve been saying that since she was a teenage amateur.

        • Charle

          Hey Seven30, That was some great fighting and Rose was incredible. Great movement and striking on point. She didn’t even need to take her to the ground. Rose has walked through those doors of greatest. JJ couldn’t handle Rose speed or footwork. Just a outstanding fight. Plus, all the other championship fights. I like that GSP beat Bisbing. Hope you enjoyed it too!

          • Seven30

            Dude, You nailed it. Your analysis was pretty spot on. I’m so proud of Rose & the way she conducted herself before, during & after the match. Straight class. & what a performance. I knew she would hold the belt one day. I’m glad it happened now & in the manner that it did. That was a POWERFUL statement…