Frankie Edgar Is Ready For Charles Oliveira, Still Has The Desire To Be Champion


Former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is again faced with a high pressure fight, at UFC 162 he will possibly be fighting for his career against Charles Oliveira. After going on a three fight losing skid, Edgar is faced with a do-or-die situation, against an opponent who has a size and reach advantage over him.

If anyone is able to overcome such pressure and disadvantages it’s Edgar. ‘The Answer’ has rebounded countless times from being rocked in title fights, to come back and win. In his first non title fight in almost four years, Edgar is going to need to be on top of his game. According to an interview with ESPN, Edgar isn’t taking anything for granted:

“He’s a dangerous opponent, long, rangy, with a diverse striking game and slick, slick submission game,” Edgar said of Oliveira. “There are no easy fights in UFC and I’m prepared.

“I’ve fought the best in my last seven fights, they were all title fights. I will be ready for Charles.”

Edgar is also looking at a three round bout, as opposed to a five round championship fight, so I really hope he can get a finish against Oliveira. He should be able to focus more on power, seeing as his tank only has to last 15 minutes against Oliveira.

Just like Edgar, I’m not overlooking Oliveira at UFC 162. He is a very dangerous opponent. His record stands at 16-3 (1), he has very good boxing and a super sticky guard. Edgar will need to be aware of these at all times, otherwise Saturday may mark the beginning of the end for Edagr’s UFC/MMA career.

“My goal is always to be the champion,” Edgar said. “I really haven’t thought about what might happen in this division or the lightweight division as things change. I’m just worried about getting back to my winning ways and put myself in position to fight for a title.

“I’d love to fight Aldo again for the title, but we’ll see what happens.”

I’m a big Edgar fan, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs at UFC 162. He has the makings of a great champion, and having reigned once already at 155lbs. there’s no telling what the future could hold for Edgar at Featherweight.

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