Floyd Mayweather Touts Big-Money UFC Comeback

conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather MMA UFC

Floyd Mayweather may have retired a second time after he cashed in on the big payday of his overhyped circus versus UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor this August 26, but he’s already hinting at another return to the ring – or in this case, the Octagon.

After finishing off the biggest star in mixed martial arts with a 10th-round TKO, ‘Money’ told Fight Hype that he may unretire to go directly to the UFC, an offer he’s allegedly already been approached with. And like anything associated with the cash-loving boxing champion, he said it’s going to be for a ton of money (quote via MMA Mania):

“You already know I’m a money-getting motherf**ker,” he said in the video. “I’m Money May. They just called me not too long ago and asked me to come back. I can come right back to the UFC. If I want, I can go, I can come right back to the UFC, I can go fight in the Octagon. I can do a three or four fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars. Remember, I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, and you motherf**kers love me, and I love you motherf**kers.”

Much of the discussion between combat sports fans from both MMA and boxing centered on the school of thought that McGregor would destroy Mayweather in the cage in a lightning-quick display, just as ‘Money would quickly outlast ‘The Notorious’ in a pure boxing match.

We actually saw one of those things unfold, and with ‘Money’ retiring undefeated, it’s hard to see him actually risking his aura just to fight in a contest where he’s at a massive disadvantage; he’s made a career of always having each and every clear available advantage on his side.

So it could be all talk from the Mayweather camp, yet a possible rematch with McGregor could realistically be one of the most lucrative combat sports contests of all-time.

Welcome to 2017 fight fans.

  • Shock Wave

    All the money in the world won’t save you from being taken down and beaten worse than James Toney.

    Here’s to 0-4 in the UFC.

    • Draven

      junior dos santos won the majority of his fights and the heavyweight championship purely with his boxing skills.

      • RMRyan

        And the years and years of BJJ

        • Draven

          He’s only ever submitted one guy in his entire mma career. It’s well known he’s not very good at it.

      • Johnny Carcosa

        Junior Dos Santos is well trained against takedowns. Floyd would be easily grounded, mounted and pounded, even by an average wrestler. If he manages to escape the first 2 takedowns, the third will get him. I don’t think he is going to fight in the UFC at all.

        • Draven

          obviously not well trained enough against Cain Velasquez TWICE!

          • Johnny Carcosa

            Cain is a world class wrestler. Yep, not enough for him, but JDS lost that fight standing, before losing it on the ground. That’s my opinion, if Floyd will ever fight in the octagon I guess we’ll see if he can stand and ko his opponent. It would be surely entertaining, no matter what happens 😀

          • Draven

            if Ray Mercer (pro boxer) can KO a prime Tim Sylvia under mma rules I don’t see how Floyd can’t.

      • Shock Wave

        JDS lost the title via his Boxing skills

        • Draven

          Nope, he lost because he didn’t use his other mma skills enough.

          • Shock Wave

            Still lost, making him a 2 time loser, which makes me wonder why you use him as an example 🤔

          • Draven

            Because if he can win the belt and finish fights using boxing only, so can Mayweather.

          • Shock Wave

            Not at 40, he isn’t.

          • Draven

            Oh yes he can. It’s possible.

          • Shock Wave

            If Mayweathers 1st fight were against CM Punk, yes, totally possible.

            But against a former champion, which he would doubtless receive, chewed up, spit out, laughed at, and meme’d more than any fighter besides McGregor for losing.

          • Draven

            Ray Mercer KOed former champion Tim Sylvia and this was after Sylvia lost to Big Nog and Fedor. Anything is possible.

          • Shock Wave

            Find a boxer besides Mayweather, in his 40’s, wanting to make the jump to MMA, just like that, and “achieve greatness”, and I’ll show you a guy TKO’d on the ground.

            Your grasping at straws is laughable, not laudable.

          • Draven

            I know u can’t handle the truth which is always fun when I school your ass. It’s funny everyone is using the whole “tko’ed on the ground” excuse. Good luck trying to get Floyd to ground. He can do gnp too.

          • Shock Wave

            No dude.
            You can’t see past your own delusional thinking.
            You still are dodging my question, and a 10 year old boy could take down your precious Floyd.

            Why do you think he’s surrounded by giant bodyguards?

          • Draven

            10 year old would be KOed before they can take him down. You’re just saying the same thing everyone else is saying. It’s not that hard to learn takedown defence 🙄

            Why Floyd has bodyguards? Same reason everyone else has trainers and bodyguards when they walk out.

  • Murderous1

    Just talk to get attention he better not do it

  • 德布斯

    is he high on Cocaine or wtf 😀 this dude is high on cocaine just look at him 😛 fighting in ctagon OMG thats what i wuld like to see 😀

  • OneFootFriendly

    He definitely could just walk into the UFC at the head of the line if he wanted to.
    And now under hollywood and img, I think the rules and traditions of UFC are effectively set aside-able for a profit.

    He could do it in a cage, as a pseudo “UFC” fight,
    with special rules and no ground fighting.
    No Couture/James Toney or Ali/Inoki.

    But MMA has clinch fighting and standing guillotines so he’d still be out of his natural element and have a little studying to do. The good news is he wouldn’t have any catching up to do as far as his natural reflexes and boxing skill to deflect a punch and throw one.

  • Phoelix

    The rubes already got fleeced to watch the Mayweather/McNugget non-fight; clearly Mayweather believes their gullibility is incurable.