Dana White On Contract Talks With Nate Diaz: We’re Not Even Close


It’s far from a secret that UFC president Dana White and embattled former lightweight title challenger Nate Diaz aren’t exactly on the same page regarding the polarizing bad boy’s contract negotiations to return to the Octagon.

The UFC has been at odds with Diaz and his management for quite some time now, resulting in his removal from the rankings list due to inactivity. In truth, the whole saga has become a bit overblown, prompting Diaz’ manager Mike Kogan to compare it to daytime talk show Jerry Springer.

So while it doesn’t seem like the younger Diaz brother will be making his way back to the UFC anytime soon, it does sound like at least a small amount of progress is being made towards that goal. Speaking at this weekend’s UFC Fight Might Macau media scrum from the CotaiArena, White detailed a recent night out with Diaz, noting that the two “buddies” had a lot of fun:

“Physically it was a pretty crazy night. Crazy fun night”, Dana laughed. “But Nate and I got to spend some quality time together. We were out having fun”, Dana said. “We talked business for a little while. We got together in a room, and where he is and where we are, we’re not even close.” – via Bloody Elbow

So that may not sound like Diaz is even close to coming back, but the president noted that he would be sitting down with him again when he gets home from his media tour abroad in early September:

“But Nate and I got together that night and talked, and we’re going to get back together when I get in the country.”

As usual, the situation with Diaz and the UFC is a murky one at best, amplified by the fact that Diaz’ good friend and training partner Gilbert Melendez was recently given a lucrative new contract and a title shot after playing hardball with the promotion by threatening to sign with rival Bellator.

Diaz could be looking for a similar deal, but it’s difficult to say he deserves such treatment without a few bounce back wins. When will we see Diaz return to the Octagon? Will he ever?

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    I felt uncomfortable just reading that. Feel like I need a shower.

  • A fight I have wanted to see for a long time now is Nate Diaz vs Frankie Edgar it would be a sick boxing match and could draw some serious pay per view buys. Make it happen Dana!

    • There are heaps of great match-ups for Nate in the top 10 but he has to earn those top 5 fights!! Nate lost to the champion then got KOd for the first time, yes he did look impressive against Gray but Gray has been on a slow decline for a while, his chin has sent him long out of the top 10. I'm thinking Diaz vs either Ross Person, Edson Barboza or Bobby Green. Nate is wasting a lot of his career piss farting around and not getting contacts signed, he needs to drop the shit like his brother did and show the UFC and Dana that he is worth being payed big bucks. I honestly think the fighters need to be payed more but not just Nate Diaz, the UFC would have to give every fighter on the roster a pay rise.

  • just give nate 90k to show and 90k to win, fair for how long hes been fighting in the UFC. and for his caliber and the fact that he's also entertaining as fuck while hes puttin the ass whoopin on people.

  • Nate kinda has a point. If Dana will cut Fitch for being boring. He can give the Diaz raises for being more entertaining.

    But like always, the story goes the way that best servers the UFC pockets.

  • Nate is the Diaz I don't care about. Green, dos Anjou, Melendez, Thompson, benson, Pettit….he is not even a top 5 lw. He isn't getting better sitting out either. He is just bullshitting smoking crazy weed. And just like nick when his weed money runs low he will take af fight