Dan Henderson Asks Dana White For Lyoto Machida Rematch


The news that Lyoto Machida vs. Chris Weidman was to be moved from UFC 173 to 175 comes in the midst of a barrage of injury woes for the UFC; Cain Velasquez, Anthony Pettis, Anderson Silva, Dominick Cruz and now Weidman’s knee surgery have all helped put a damper on the mood surrounding the promotion lately.

Former Pride FC two-weight champion and Fight Night 38 victor Dan Henderson has offered some help to his employers, in the form of a challenge. Check out what ‘Dangerous’ had to say via Twitter:

Machida stepped in against Jon Jones at UFC 140, but was unsuccessful after a strong first round for ‘The Dragon’ was put to bed with a submission win for ‘Bones’ in the second round. Hendo was unlucky to be bumped out of the title race at 205 pounds after that injury, but does he deserve to jump the queue at middleweight?

Admittedly the fight against Shogun, and subsequent TKO win was great for Henderson’s stock, but it was his first win in four outings and at a different weight from Machida. Also, one of Hendo’s recent three fight losing streak was to Machida at lhw.

‘The Dragon’ has strung together a first round knockout against Mark Munoz and a five round decision over Gegard Mousasi at 185 pounds; I highly doubt he’ll refuse the title match at 175 with Weidman in favour of a bout against an unranked middleweight whom he beat in 2013.

Could this be a sign that Henderson has already decided on a drop to middleweight? If so, would he be able to carry that savage knockout power down a weight class? It may be that dropping a division at this stage is the best thing for the aging veteran. I’ll keep you updated on this situation.

  • We already saw Machida pick apart Henderson once. Don't need to see it twice and Dan will fight @ 185 and he's too slow at that weight. Waste of time in my opinion.

  • I want to see Henderson vs Cormier.

    • Dude cormier would wreck hendo

    • Hendo in his prime couldnt hang with D.C it would be a massacre now. He do didn't even look good in the Shogun fight. He was slow and throwing 1 punch over and over again. Machida would retire Hendo with a kick similar to what he did to Randy

    • I honestly don't even wanna see that! I really like Hendo and i don't wanna see him get tore up like that. D.C. would run through Hendo like a Runaway train, that dude's on fire right now.

  • Nothing for Machida to gain from that fight at this point. If Hendo hadn't been stopped by Vitor it might make sense to see a rematch, but Lyoto has been impressive in his last couple and has earned his ranking.

    Hendo would be fast tracking if he wins, whereas Lyoto takes a big risk (even if he would probably win).

  • I understand that Hendo thinks achieving that UFC belt would be way easier in the middle weight division at the moment.

  • The reality is that between the TRT ban and his age and declining skills. Hendo is too far away from a title shot at either weight. He is at least 2 years away. Hendo without TRT does not have 2 years like that.

    Hendo is already a legend and should be taking legacy fights. I think Hendo should consider fighting the following…if at all….

    Wandy Silva, Vitor rematch, Nick Diaz at MW, Anderson Silva comeback match, Bisping rematch. The true dark horse candidate that would never happen but may make the most sense is Chael Sonnen.

    At this point these are the only fights worth watching with him. The Vitor match and the Silva match could actually lead to a MW title fight.

    At this point…is there anyone else besides the champ that make sense for his legacy. Beating Cormier, Davis, Glover etc doesn't do much for his legacy…dude beat Fedor already…losing only hurts his legacy. Same applies for MW contenders Rockhold, Munoz, Jacre, etc.

    For the contenders Hendo is lose lose. If they win…they beat 43 year dude past his prime not too highly ranked at any weight class. If they lose…they are just another victim of the Hendo bomb which as his last match demonstrated can happen even when he is being dominated.