Cro Cop vs. Aleksander Emelianenko II Booked For November MMA Event


The last time Mirko Cro Cop and Aleksander Emelianenko met was at Pride Conflict in 2004. Cro Cop scored a devastating first round knockout with one of his trademark high kicks, taking less than three minutes to do so. Since then Cro Cop has won the Pride Grand Prix, a K-1 title and also had a mediocre UFC career.

Aleks recently came out of retirement to ‘beat’ Bob Sapp, and news has emerged that a Cro Cop vs. A. Emelianenko rematch will go down in November of this year. Here is the news as reported by

“After winning the K-1 WGP title, we had offers coming from all over the world,” Said Cro Cop’s manager, Orsat Zovko. ” From Brazilians who were one of the most determined, to Japan, U.S. and Europe. My suggestion to Mirko, after winning his first K-1 WGP title was that he takes a good two months rest before we even think about next match,”

“After intense negotiations in last month, we concluded that he will be fighting at least two or perhaps even three times until by the end of 2013. Each fight has to be a special challenge for him.”

“I think that providing rematch to one of the legends of this sport and especially in his homeland, his territory, gives CroCop and our entire team that additional challenge and maximum motivation,” he said.

Great news for any hardcore MMA/Cro Cop fans. The rematch is set to take place in Russia, under the ‘Legend’ MMA banner in November of this year. Anyone think history is going to repeat itself?

  • Alexander Emelianenko is probably the biggest name Cro Cop could fight right now, it's a good match up.

  • YAWWWNNN…. Well for Cro-Cop anyway this can't go any worse than his UFC career… there's a positive side there. Maybe.

  • I thought Alex had Hep-C wtf is he doing fighting?

  • Wow where did this one come from?

  • I'll watch for sure.

  • I see Emelianenko taking this but I never thought Mirko would take a K-1 title so who knows. It sounds like a fun fight. I'll be watching it.

  • Amy I seeing this correctly… Does Aleksander have the male equivalent of a tramp stamp above his junk????


  • Am I seeing this correctly… Does Aleksander have the male equivalent of a tramp stamp above his junk????


    • There should be a law against that !

      Tramp stamps should only be allowed for strippers on crystal meth.