Antonio Silva Plans On Using The Same Strategy Against Cain Velasquez


Antonio Silva has earned his shot at Cain Velasquez with two nasty knockouts over Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem. ‘Bigfoot’ suffered a terrible beating at the hands of Velasquez in their first fight in 2012, lasting all of four minutes before the ref mercifully ended the fight.

My first thought when Silva was awarded a rematch, this time for the title, was ‘What will Silva change?’. Well it would appear as though the Brazilian giant plans on bringing the same strategy as in the first bout with Velasquez. Check out this interview from MMAWeekly:

“I’m going to train the same strategy as I trained before,” said Bigfoot.  “The problem was my mind, my adrenaline. But I’m going do the same thing. I have a lot of skills to win this fight.”

With his most recent third round demolition of Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 I can sort of see where Silva is coming from. He has massive power in those huge hands and we know that Cain can be knocked out. Silva continued:

“The first fight with Cain is very important because I learned a lot from it,” said Silva.  “[That] fight, I was very nervous because it was my first fight in the UFC.  Now I’m very, very different. I have a good camp. I’m going to do the same strategy, and this fight will be very different.”

So Silva is confident that the fight will go differently this time, but using the same strategy I can’t see how it would. Although ‘Bigfoot’ could be trying to play mind games here, I wonder if Velasquez will change his game at all in the lead up to their UFC 160 championship tilt.


  • Get taken down easily and bleed all over Cain? It wasn't that great of a gameplan.

    • i hope hes taken the leg kicks out of his gameplan

  • Same gameplan .. same fight same winner ! Forget it Antonio Cain is going to crush you just like the last fight and after your fight with Cain its back to the prelims after the fight with Overeem i just cant stand this guy anymore .. standing over Overeem after he knocked him out talking all big .. did cain do the same to you when he beat you into a bloody pulp ? Hope Cain ********elbows you for 3 rounds

    • dude, he was just emotional after he knocked out cocky reem!

    • Cain was respectful to Bigfoot the before the fight, so Bigfoot was espectful back.

      Overeem acted like Bigfoot was an amateur and openly made insults about him. He even said to him face to face he was getting destroyed.
      So what did Bigfoot do? Say nothing and come fightitime, knocked him out. He talked crap after but guess what, I'd rather see a man KO someone and talk off the back of his accomplishments than a guy talk crap before hand and then crumble.

  • bigfoot will win that!

  • DG1

    Well, we never got to see his stragety last fight. Both he and his trainer have admitted that leading with that leg kick was a mistake. Cain caught it, used it for the takedown, and never let Bigfoot back to his feet. Who knows what his gameplan actually is. I hope he at least gets the chance to implement it and make a fight out of it. However, at the end of the day, I don't see a different result.

    • What, facepolm?! You are actually a literate human being.

      • DG1

        Ha! Took gramer lesons for days ha! *facepolm* :=)

  • It wouldn't have mattered what his game plan was or how his mind was doing, the Cain he faced on that night was a man on a mission that wasn't going to be stopped. He may last a little longer this time but I suspect the same outcome, Cain outworking him and having his was with him until the ref stops it.

    • DG1

      Completely agree, but it would still be nice to see what Silva thinks he has up his sleeve.

  • He used to drugs, but he used to, used to, too.

  • I honestly dont get it…..if my memory does not fail me the strategy did not work ver well : ) pezao is just playing….I saw an interview where he said the leg kicks were just plain stupid. He will not do it again.

  • DG1

    On a seperate note, why is Ben Henderson ranked higher than Anthony Pettis on the PFP list?

  • Look guys stop trying to use math when predicting a fight. I'm a Cain fan,but look at that Bigfoot's fist! I've never seen a fighter with fist size of Bigfoot. If Cain runs into Bigfoot's fist like he did with Congo's fist. Cain will be going to sleep son!!!