Anderson Silva: I had a nightmare with Weidman, but now I’ll bring Chuck Norris to my camp


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is gearing up for arguably the biggest fight of his illustrious career at UFC 168 when he rematches Chris Weidman. Many believe that a re-motivated Spider will come back to destroy Weidman, only blaming Silva’s overconfidence for the crushing UFC 162 defeat.

Although Silva acknowledges that July 6th was like a bad dream for him, he is not afraid of his young nemesis. Talking to Brazilian radio show Panico!, Silva also spoke of a new plan to train for the fight:

I had a nightmare with Weidman, but I don’t fear him. He is determined, but has two arms and two legs just like me. Now I’ll bring Chuck Norris (to my camp). I’ll bring both, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal.”

That seems like a joking attitude from Silva, who exhibited the same behavior in the week leading up to the first Weidman bout. His lightheartedness may have contributed to his unfocused demeanor and subsequent knockout loss. It’s tough to say.

All we can do is find out what state of mind Silva is actually in by watching the fight on December 28. If he loses to Weidman again, people will undoubtedly be calling for him to hang up the gloves. If he wins impressively, however, Silva said that he is still looking for a fight with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones:

I hope it happens. That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.” – via Combate

He’ll have to get by Weidman first, but if he does, a fight versus Jones may be a crowning achievement for Anderson Silva.

  • Seventy something Chuck Norris huh? Just STFU & beat this youngsta so you can get to Safety P.

    Im glad Money May dont talk all this stupidity, whoop azz & cash checks is what Silva should be concerned with.

    • Money May is much closer to GSP than Anderson Silva.

    • gm1

      Hahahaha what a joke!!!
      Thats the answer…lets get Chuck Norris to help me……
      A few more bucks and we will throw in Judo Jean Labelle too…

      This mi d of stupid talk confirms Silva head is all jacked up.

      He will get another 16oz can of whoop A^# on the rematch from Weidman….
      Thats worth paying for….

  • I think that Anderson will likely win this rematch…if it's in a movie.

    His brain needs to be 100% on Weidman and not distracted by crap. Playing these games is the same kind of mental distraction Anderson involved himself with in the octagon.

    Focus Anderson, focus

  • Before Weidman fight Anderson were focused on English learning, and now this… You can't make fun of Weidman, or it will be ooooops again.

  • Champ, I am only interested in this fight only if you'll give it 70% or more this time around. No more generous gifts, Champ.

    Nothing, Nada, Niets, nichts, Rien, Niente, ??, walang anuman.

    • Yeah dont give him shiznit, not a damn thang

    • Just a correction no offense 🙂

      – walang anuman –> "you are welcome"
      should be "wala" –> nothing

      I'm a Filipino so that should correct it 🙂

      • None taken, bro. It's all good. By the way, you just taught me something new, so there is no reason to be offended whatsoever. Thanks.

        What do you expect from Google translate? lmao.


  • WTF Anderso??? WTF??? I love you man but am starting to think you are crazy in the head! WTF????

  • Silva is the biggest troll in mma

  • Weidman will win rematch. He will ground and pound Anderson for 25 minutes. Weidman via decision.

  • Chuck Norris? Why not Jackie Chan?

  • If Silva wins the rematch you are going to see Dana White in total "MAN LOVING" mode.

  • Come on people! You don't think the former #1 P4P and still GOAT is serious, do you?

    He's also going to get the Bride from "Kill Bill" and wear Bruce Lee's track suit from "Game of Death". Then he'll win for sure.

  • Come on people! You don't think the former #1 P4P and still GOAT is serious, do you?

    He's also going to get the Bride from "Kill Bill" and wear Bruce Lee's track suit from "Game of Death". Then he'll win for sure.

  • Anderson… what a noob.

  • If I were Silva I'd get Van Damme instead, I've watched him punch a snake in the head, the snake fcuking wobbled then was K the fcuk That's some skill. I respect Sensei Seagal for saving a US Battleship and Chuck the Fcuking Man Norris for kicking a grizzly bear's arse, and all, but Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme is the man!

    Plus Mr. Van Damme won the Blood Sport tournament, and is a cyborg Universal war hero!

  • Vic

    Next thing we see Silva walking up the Octagon with Clint Eastwood on his side…

  • Vic

    Silva is just playing a mock with the UFC by bringing action hero's to spice up the show!

    • NO NO NO NO NO! Mr. Van Damme is not a hollywood action hero…He's the real deal, Haven't you watch HARD TARGET 1993???? Haven't you read my comment??? He fcuking KOed a cobra, He punched the cobra in head while the cobra does his usual hisses, and BOOM, Lights out! He's the real deal I tell you.