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POLL: Who Should Conor McGregor Fight Next?


Rising UFC featherweight Conor McGregor made a triumphant return from ACL surgery today (Sat., July 19, 2014), defeating Diego Brandao with a first round TKO in the main event of UFC Fight Night 46 from the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Putting on a dominant performance for his hometown fans, the scintillating win left the door wide open for McGregor, who now sits with a wealth of potentially exciting possibilities in a stacked UFC 145-pound division.

A fight with No. 6-ranked Dustin Poirier is already on the table, but McGregor may find himself in an even bigger fight. Who’s to say that Dana White won’t choose to book McGregor opposite No. 2 Frankie Edgar or No. 3 Cub Swanson?

With divisional champion Jose Aldo injured but tied up in a trash talk war with No. 1 Chad Mendes, McGregor is the man of the hour despite hot having fought a ranked fighter.

That’s all about to change very soon, however. With his next fight slated for Las Vegas, who do you think “Notorious” should square off with next?

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  • Stephens and IF he gets past him, Poirier…

    • I think Poirier strait away since Dustin wants it anyway. He has clearly proven he is worthy of Dustins caliber . Look at Dustins fight with a less prepared and less in shape Diego, Dustin had some problems with Diego and Conor walked through him. I think Conor beats Dustin.

      • Also, I am not saying Porier is scared at all as i don't believe that. But being that his team mate pulled out of the fight and that he had clearly demonstrated his desire before that to shut Conor up, why didn't he step in? Maybe he is not afraid, but maybe he also believes Conor is good enough to not take a short notice fight? Conor made a point when he said there wasn't a peep out of him.

        • He probably didnt because realistically, that fight makes little sense for Poirier. Conor is not even Top 10. Poirier is #6, so he's looking to fight a Top 5 guy… I think all the talk coming from Conor, makes Poirier wanna shut him up now but the fight does little to nothing for his ranking.

          • Your right it does little for him but he wanted it before the Diego fight because Conor is all over the media and is a big draw already.

      • MMA Math does not work. Styles make fights. I don't think a #13 guy should jump and face #6 if there are other fighters available. If there's a situation where all the other fighters are booked or if there are injuries or whatever, a scenario like that makes sense but there are plenty of options for Conor. He has not beat a top 10 guy yet and i'm really not sold on him as a fighter just yet. If he can beat Stephens, it will actually mean something and a top 6 fight will make sense.

        • The rankings dont mean shit to UFC they are talking about giving Gina a title shot for fuck sakes

        • But XP Poirier wants the fight. So why not? Not just that it is true MMA math aside that Porier struggled against Diego who was in less prepared shape than when he fought Conor who steam rolled him. Styles make fights and Conor would have a similiar style to Dustin anyway only Conor is much more technical.

  • If Poirier gets by Conor that will be a huge feather in his cap rankings or not McGregor is a huge star right now. Rankings don't mean shit. Drawing power is all that matters.

    • Beating one of the top 5 fighters will mean a lot more than beating Conor. Look at who those Top 5 guys are… beat either one of those and everybody knows you're LEGIT. Beat Conor.. good look! but he has not beaten any of the top fighters so there's always gonna be that "Let's see him beat someone that means something" talk. That's why i'm saying it makes little sense. It's a good draw… people wanna see it but it won't get Poirier closer to a title shot. He will still need to beat 1 or 2 of the top 5 guys before he gets that shot.

      Rankings don't mean a whole lot OUTSIDE of the Top 5…. but the Top 5 Rankings are very important.

      • I agree with that XP but Dustin wanted this fight. I think it's a dangerous fight for him as I feel Conor stylistically is a bad match for him especially if Diego was knockin his block.