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POLL: Are You Picking Cain Velasquez Or Fabricio Werdum?


Cain Velasquez will look to make the third consecutive defense of his heavyweight title at UFC 180, and the man he faces is none other than submission whizz Fabricio Werdum. The two are set to coach the first season of TUF: Mexico later in the year, and ‘Vai Cavalo’ is riding four straight wins ahead of his first UFC title shot.

In the aftermath of Werdum’s win against Travis Browne, many fans questioned how the Brazilian would fare against Velasquez. The champion’s outstanding cardio and strength make him very hard to keep pace with. CV uses wrestling and wearing striking to break his opponent’s down, although the new and improved Werdum stands a much better chance than a few years ago.

Not really known for his heavy hands, it appears that Werdum’s best chance of winning would be on the mat; that may play right in to the game plan of the champion in this case. A competent wrestling beast, Velasquez would probably relish the challenge of going to ground with Werdum. I’m not sure if ‘Vai Cavalo’ has the strength to overcome Velasquez’s wrestling.

So who takes the win, the heavy handed, strong wrestler, or the Jiu-Jitsu wizard?

  • ha, 1st round finish.

  • Well, Cain looked fat at the weigh-ins. He's also coming off a surgery in his left shoulder to fix a torn glenoid labrum he suffered in his 2nd Dos Santos fight. Werdum, however, just came off a super-impressive win over the highly acclaimed Travis Browne and he's fighting as good as we've ever seen him fight. So I'd have to pick… Cain

  • Cain will demolish Werdum. It makes sense for the rankings but Werdum is in WAY over his head against Cain.

  • Werdum did well enough to make everyone reconsider how big the gap is between Cain/JDS and the rest of the division, but I don't think he's covered that distance AND MORE. Cain by stoppage, 2nd/3rd

  • Werdum. 4th round submission. Dont count this guy out. He finds weeknesses against everybody. Last loss to supersteroid overeem who nobody could handle at the time. Only loss in ufc he got caught by unknown jds at the time.

  • Fabricio is not beating Cain. End of story.

  • Cain wins 9 times out of 10. Unless he gets caught with something crazy he puts to much pressure on his opponents. He's going to remain champ for a long time unless he gets caught.

  • Cain should win by K.O… First Round… Yet Werdum is one awesome fighter still..

  • I picked Fabricio Velasquez…since it could go either way. This is an interesting matchup to me.

  • I like Werdum, if I was to bet I would go with Velasquez… I will go with who I want to win. Werdum.

    • Damn we think the same on that one for sure.

  • I think it boils down to whether Werdum can stand up to Cain's cardio / pace and stuff the take downs. If he does both he has a chance to win. It can can't do both then it is a long (or short) night for him.

  • I Pick Werdum but no one beats Cain!! Hhahaha

    • Cain is going to want to use his superior boxing and cage/clinch game. Werdum is going to want to stick and move and use a lot of kicks. I really don't think Cain is going to attempt any takedowns and risk getting submitted but I think he has the skills to neutralize Werdum's bjj and land some Hard ground and pound. Either way it is going to be fireworks!

      • true, but Werdum's striking is under rated I think.