UFC Q&A with Ronda Rousey: The champ on Miesha Tate, armbars, the...

UFC Q&A with Ronda Rousey: The champ on Miesha Tate, armbars, the Olympics, and her “Rowdy” nickname


The long-anticipated day for UFC Fight Night 26 has arrived, and with it a ton of great fights will go down tonight in Boston. Prior to today’s events, UFC women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey got on stage for a UFC Q&A, addressing a litany of questions that stemmed from her nickname all the way to her time as an Olympic medal-winning judoka.

Rousey is set to face off with her archrival Miesha Tate as the culmination of TUF 18, which is set to debut this September. The two will have their much-anticipated rematch in the co-main event of the year-ending blowout UFC 168 card. 

Beyond that, Rousey’s star is beginning to shine outside of fighting in some huge ways, as she’s recently booked acting roles in the high-profile movie franchises “The Expendables 3,” and “Fast and Furious 7.” Check out Rousey’s full Q&A courtesy of MMA H.E.A.T. below:


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