UFC on FOX 7 had the most finishes I've seen since, well since ever pretty much, considering tonights event tied the UFC record for the most KO's in one night, you can bet that it was filled with some truly exciting fights.

Fight of the night for me personally regardless of what the bonuses ended up being, was Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein hands down. This one wasn't long and drawn out, but in the short time it lasted there was a ton of back and forth, some serious power shots, plenty of rocking and finally a solid grinding finish by Matt Brown.

Fitting then to find out to my approval that the fight was indeed considered fight of the night with each fighter earning a $50,000 pay cheque for their efforts.

Knockout of the night for me is a tough one, because on the one hand you have a super clean and devastating flying knee by former olympic silver medalist Yoel Romero, and on the other hand you have the triumphant return of Josh "The Punk" Thomson, looking utterly impressive and accomplishing what no one in history has been able to do thus far by knocking out Nate Diaz.

Luckily for the UFC, they make their own rules and didn't have any submissions take place on the card so both fighters pocket $50,000 for their impressive victories.

To reiterate again:

Matt Brown vs Jordan Mein - Fight Of The Night

Josh Thomson vs Nate Diaz - Knockout Of The Night

Yoel Romero vs Clifford Starks - Knockout Of The Night