Just as the dust settled on last night’s huge UFC 164 schedule change, conspiracy theorists everywhere began to speculate on the just how severe TJ Grant’s injury was.

Since Henderson-Pettis is such a huge bout, while Grant remains relatively unknown, many began to think that Dana White had somehow made the blockbuster bout happen with money or other means.

However, the under-the-radar UFC lightweight quickly spoke up to dispel any potential rumors, stating that he would not accept any amount of money to withdraw from his earned title shot this August:

Grant also stated that he suffered a concussion during BJJ training, forcing him to withdraw from the biggest fight of his career to this point:

It’s an unfortunate circumstance for the Nova Scotian, who has rattled off five consecutive victories since making the cut down to lightweight.

Let’s hope that Grant still gets his title shot upon returning healthy. However, if Henderson and Pettis battle to a close call, we may see a rematch due to this rivalry’s storied history. Here’s to hoping everyone involved can stay healthy enough to make it to the octagon.