If you've read that headline then you've more than likely either rolled your eyes or chuckled by now. Or you're a huge Ortiz fan and you love the idea so you may just be jumping around the room fist pumping and doing yes cartwheels.

In a tweet posted the morning after Jon Jones successfully defended his title, tying Ortiz' record of title defenses in the process, Ortiz had the following to say:

Interesting to say the least. It's highly doubtful that Ortiz would come out of retirement let alone get a shot at the current champion or anyone in the top 10 for that matter. But given his record of 7 lossess in his last 9 fights, I give this pretty brash statement no chance at coming to fruition.

We all know Dana is a business man who likes to make fights that the people want to see. But I doubt that any MMA fan with half a brain would be interested in seeing Tito Ortiz get mangled and obliterated by Jones.

What do you think Lowkickers? Am I wrong? Would ANY of you be interested in a comeback match for the title defense record and light heavyweight championship between Jon Jones and Tito Ortiz?