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Mark Hunt: Got A Broken Toe In The First and Had No Movement


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt put on a great show in a losing effort at last night’s epic UFC 160 card, engaging in a slugfest with JDS before being caught with an incredible spinning wheel kick. Hunt appeared to have a ton of pep in his step early on in the fight, nailing JDS often while looking for his trademark left hook.

But he appeared to slow considerably after a huge JDS overhand right sent him crashing to the canvas. Hunt got up like the warrior he is, but was noticeably less mobile. And apparently there’s an explanation for it, as Hunt posted on his Facebook today that he suffered a broken toe in the first:

“Thanks for the support apologies about the result junior was to slick for me,got a broken toe first round,and had no movement,but like i said before if i am going out i am out on my back thanks again 1luv.”

Hunt is gracious in defeat, and won’t have the exciting loss take too much away from him. Junior dos Santos is a great former champion, and he may soon rule the division once again. Hunt apparently kept fighting on a broken toe, making it tough to plant and throw the power shots he’s known for.

So while Mark Hunt suffered defeat at UFC 160, he won’t lose any fans. In fact, he may have gained more, as thoUSAnds of people probably saw his hard-nosed style for the first time last night. Here’s to hoping Hunt makes a quick recovery and gets back in the Octagon soon, because he never puts on a bad fight.

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  • Time to retire, vicious ko loss.

    His brain will never come back from what he suffered in his career (kickboxing + mma). He's an incredible entertainer but his age speaks for itself.

    If there was a combat sports hall of fame he'd deserve a place into it.

    • He just went 2.5 rounds with one of the best heavyweight fighters on the planet, showing some great standup skills and even nailing him flush on a few occasions and you think he should retire?


      • Agreed. Most would've stayed down on that first over hand right.

      • Ok Bryan he are a couple of questions for you:
        Does Mark Hunt have a chance to become the champ?
        Did you see his KO/TKO losses throughout his career?
        Did you see this weekend's KO?
        Did you see Mark Hunt's age?
        Did you read my comment well?
        Do you really want him to step in that cage again and risk his well-being just to entertain people?
        Do you even care about his health?
        Did you see his record?
        Do you really believe he has more to accomplish?

    • Did you even see the fight? At times I was worried that Hunt would knock JDS out.

      • @Grandslam, I was worried he'd K.O JDS too almost everytime Junior backed up close to the cage I'd expect a leaping left from Hunt that Junior wouldn't be able to get away from because of the cage. At the same time the worry was from the Mark Hunt K.O Potential not from the actual performance. Yes, Hunt landed a FEW good strikes, but he really didn't land much a few counter left hooks. Jr. dominated that fight start to finish.

    • dos santos was back pedaling all the time i think he was afraid to slug it out with mark hunt, JDS was playing it safe, im really upset with him i thought he said in his interview that he was going to slug it out and give people a good show, i know it was impressive victory for him but damn, upset with JDS i think mark hunt deserve a good impression even with a loss. He gave us a good show.

      • He did slug it out with him.

        If you mean you want them to stand arm length apart and stay flat footed and just throw until one drops… youtube is your friend

      • put it this way, would you stand toe to toe, and trade blows with a former k-1 world champion?

      • ohhh my why am i on fire?

      • so you're bummed about JDS' performance and happy with Hunt's? i don't know what fight you saw but JDS slugged it out with Hunt, its just JDS did more of the slugging.

        i don't know if its 'cause you're a mainstream media fan, but "backpedaling" as you call it is associated with footwork and footwork is the basis of all fighting. mma is chess not checkers anymore.

    • Its time for him to retire. He was never really in the fight with JDS outside of a few decent combos.

      I find it a little troubling that being a punching bag for 3 rounds makes you a "in a fight" with a #1 contender.

    • How did I get so many Weaks for my comment? I didn't **** on Hunt I love his style and everything but if you watch his ko/tko losses since he started as a kickboxing you should be worried for him.
      I posted a positive comment saying that he will simply not be a champion and that he suffered enough already, and people blame it on me? Come on guys…

  • Here is a question….Mark Hunt suffered a broken toe….MMA Truth recently put up an artlcle on dr intervention when a guy gets hurt in the cage but in this case there didn't appear to be any doctors present to examine the toe. Are medics doing their job?

    • Not only the medics, but the refs who should have stopped it to at least get it checked.

      • I wonder what Michael Stepehensen has to say about all this.

  • Furthermore, Hunt was also bleeding from the ear. When do doctors say enough is enough?

    • I don't know if he was damaged enough to pull him from the fight, but he should have been checked on. That's for sure. My guess is depending on how badly the toe was broken, would depend on whether or not he was allowed to continue.

      From my vantage point, I don't think he could have been hurt too badly, because he was, even though slow, still mobile. Had his break been as bad as Jones's, then yeah, my guess is it would have been stopped and if Sonnen could have survived the 1rst round, we'd have a new HW Champ. Thank God thought, that he didn't. 🙂

      The broken toe explains a lot. Now we're all going to be sitting around wondering whether or not Mark might have been able to pull it off, had he not broken the toe.

      He'll be back. He's too good not to be. He's also too loved. Broken toe or no broken toe, Mark caught JDS a couple of times and that fight could have easily gone the other way on one punch. He wasn't out of that fight until the head-kick landed.

      • I noticed JDS was the first to admit in the press conference that Mark Hunt hits alot harder than Cain V.

        • Yea he said he hits harder than Cain but that's probably because Cain hit him so hard he has near enough out on his feet for 20 minutes.

  • Thats one ugly looking foot

  • So did Jon Jones and look what he did.
    Hunt doesn't exactly fight like Frankie Edgar or Dom Cruz anyway, just needing to explode forward now and again and he was doing it well in the second.

    Obviously didn't help but think the outcome would be the same

  • The early part of the first round thought Hunt was out classing JDS standing, the big right hand was what changed it but knowing his mobility was gone due to an injury makes a lot of sense.

    • I thought the same thing. Every time Junior tried to hit him, Mark was landing that counter left. That big right hand definitely changed the fight.

      • He landed a counter left for the 1rst 2 minutes of the fight. Lets not get away with ourselves.

        • Exactly.

          This fight wasn't that close at any point outside of a few shots from Hunt.

    • By early part of the fight, do you mean first exchange?

      JDS won pretty much every second of that fight.

  • so…which one is the broken one??? they ALL look pretty messed up.
    I hope Hunt will try to make a second run. I think he still has it in him.

  • Hunts name shouldn't be anywhere near the top 10 list. hes obsolete in 2013 mma. he would of been top dog in 2001 or 2002 mma, but today theres no room for him, sorry mate.