Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos got back into the win column in a big way when he knocked Mark Hunt out with an incredible spinning wheel kick at UFC 160. And now he’s headed for arguably the biggest fight of his life when he faces Cain Velasquez in the main event of UFC 166.

The trilogy match will showcase dos Santos’s chance at redemption after catching a thunderous right hand from Velasquez en route to losing the title in a one-sided affair at UFC 155.

However, dos Santos isn’t giving much credit to the fight-changing punch that lead to his demise. He recently appeared on the Brazilian radio program Panico, and had an interesting take on the current champion’s striking ability:

"I had no cuts against Cain Velasquez. And he hits like a girl. He hit me a lot during the five rounds, but did not open any cuts, although I was very bloated and had to go to the hospital."

While his comment may come as no surprise considering the murderer’s row of power punchers that JDS defeated throughout his mercurial rise to king of the UFC heavyweight division, it is interesting in the sense that none of his previous opponents could even come close to damaging JDS on the feet. And he beat Shane Carwin, Roy Nelson, Hunt, Cro Cop, and Gilbert Yvel. That’s quite the power-filled lineup right there.

Even though dos Santos may have emerged from his second bout with Velasquez without a cut on his face, post-fight photos would suggest that Velasquez definitely hits with some power. The champ has made a career of bouncing would-be title contenders’ heads off the canvas with his brutal style of ground-and-pound.

Both come into the October bout with momentum, so it will be a tough match to predict. It may come down to who lands the first big power shot. And despite what dos Santos believes, a clean shot from either fighter will end your night with a quickness. Who will emerge victorious with the title this fall?