Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have had a feud going for a while now, back and forth battles over Twitter and even a public stand off have fuelled the fire between both guys. Jones has garnered a certain amount of detractors since the beginning of his UFC career, and DC seems to be the biggest.

Jones gives his take on the beef with Cormier, via

"He has, like, 20,000 Twitter followers. He has short reach, bad cardio (and) he looked terrible in his last fight. It's like, I'm not worried about him at all. He's just not relevant to me. There's so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He's not even top five in his division. I'm not sure if he is. “

Cormier, ranked number two  by the UFC, has repeatedly offered Jones to fight at a Catchweight. Jones, seemingly uninterested, has shrugged off the possibility. Cormier has already said that his weight cutting has started, the weight cut to 205 that is, and a fight with Jones would certainly be entertaining.

"I hate answering questions about him," Jones said. "DC is a guy who really wants to be famous. I don't think he wants to work hard. I think he just wants to be famous. You can see it in his physique."

We all know how good Jones is at using his reach against fighters, let alone fighters as short as Cormier. It will certainly be a huge mountain for DC to climb, should they fight. Although I don’t think it will be that much of an issue if Cormier can score takedowns.

If Cormier can keep 75% of his strength, which he used to pick up Josh Barnett and throw him around, then a guy like Jones would be like a training dummy. That’s if he can get a takedown though.

Jones is known for his incredible takedown defense, but if DC can weather the storm and get inside, he could toss JJ about at will. DC’s wrestling is stellar to say the least, and his low centre of gravity, excellent balance and ogre like strength make him a nightmare in the clinch.

I think this is a great potential fight, and the beef between these two guys will hopefully come to a better conclusion than MacDonald vs Ellenberger.