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Jon Jones Says If Chuck Liddell Wants To Come Out Of Retirement, He’ll Welcome Him To A Superfight


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a lot of haters headed into his attempt at a record-setting eighth straight title defense against Glover Teixeira in the main event of this Saturday night’s (April 26, 2014) UFC 172 from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

He has his hands full with Teixeira, the power slugger who has won an incredible 20 straight bouts. Teixeira is also a good friend and former training partner of the man whose record Jones broke for UFC 205-pound title defenses, legendary champion and current UFC executive Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell.

Liddell has been speaking out against Jones as of late, picking Teixeira to finish the polarizing champion. Jones chose to take the high road on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight” on FOX Sports 1, noting that he’s not about to open his mouth and trash fan-favorite Liddell:

“You know, you gotta expect Chuck to take his boy’s back, or have his boy’s back, and that’s what he’s doing. He has been coming out saying a lot of other stuff like he would walk through my punches if he ever fought me, and he would have beat me in his prime, and all this type of stuff. I’m not going to sit here and insult Chuck; you know, he’s a very, very loved person by the masses, so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut, but it’s like, “Come on, Chuck, just knock it off. I respect you, so chill.”

However, Jones said he does believe that Liddell’s support of a Teixeira victory is a bit of a conflict of interest, as he is a UFC executive. Ultimately, Jones would be glad to welcome Liddell back to the Octagon:

“Yeah, I think it is a little bit, um, and you know, at the end of the day, if Chuck wants to come out of retirement, I welcome him to a superfight.”

An interesting jab at “The Iceman,” but not an event likely to happen anytime soon.

Talk moved on to a prevalent topic surrounding “Bones” recently, that of him supposedly ducking the suddenly long list of top contenders at light heavyweight right now. Jones said he’s learned to let this talk slide right off his shoulders:

“You know, I was getting annoyed at it at first and taking it very personal. At this point, I kind of find it amusing. Guys like Phil Davis calling me out, Daniel Cormier and Gustafsson, everyone accusing me of ducking all three of these guys. I mean, how many ducks can I do? You know what I mean?

I am right now, contracted to fight Glover Teixeira, and technically, when you have a contract to fight someone, you can’t possibly duck anybody else. I’ve just learned to take it all in stride and begin to laugh at it a little bit, and realize that, no matter what is said, I have to fight one person at a time.”

All Jones can do is beat the man right in front of him and that is Teixeira. He knows he can’t look past the challenge that the talented Brazilian presents. If he gets by Liddell’s protégé this weekend, several dangerous competitors await “Bones.”

Are we right now witnessing the start of Jones’ finest hour, or the beginning of his decline? Give the champ’s insane size, reach, striking, and wrestling ability, it’s hard to argue against the former.

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

  • Gee, how did I predict Jon would get his fragine ego hurt and feel the need to deepen the doosh known a Bones.
    I dont think he needs to be thinking about Chuck right now, perhaps Chuck's ex training partner? yes.
    Chuck's farts are cooler than Jon's replies.

    • That French word "fragile" eludes me once again.

    • Nice prediction, Jones got offended by Chucks insulting comments…..Bravo Mr Nostradamus. Why the fuck would Jones not get offended by Chucks comments considering jones has look up to him for years and has never said a bad word about the guy?

      • Good point and no argument here, but if chicken bones was less arrogant, Chuck would probably have less to say. Nevertheless, a sharp for you.

        • Zip – was Chuck not arrogant, too? I also seem to recall videos of him getting trashed in strip clubs and doing TV interviews while drunk. I love Chuck, but he was no saint on some of the same issues that Jones has been faulted for.

          • Hmm, I think you missed my point, Brian. I was giving Space credit for a good point, name calling and foul words aside. Just gave him credit for a sharp comment. Go drink a beer and chill.

          • Brian Cox chill? bahahahahahaha

      • Whats up Toejam?
        Nostradamus foresees man landing on Uranus searching for Klingons 8P

    • Why is Bones letting folks thats on the sideline get to him??? DC will get his soon, Sleep'n Pill Phil sucks, Gus had his chance NEXT!!!! & didnt Chuck go to sleep in each of his last 5 fights…..Winners isn't suppose to listen to SIDELINE chatter, check yourself Bones

      • I'm still waiting for what 'Uncle Tom' means, Hate. Pill speaks too well for you brother, explain? Teach us the ways of the streets my man.

    • I know right how dare Jon respond to Chuck saying he would knock jones out, what an asshole

    • that is sad to hear a champ upset cause the other guys good friend thinks
      he could crush him,… what a whinny lil byatch…. what is up with some of the fighters these day like Daiz use to be quite tough guy now just cries and bitches all time,….
      cant believe Jones called Chuck out of retirement….. can telll he is youngest champ

  • Nice try chicken bones. Lumping Gus with Davis and Cormier still didn't work. You're afraid of Gus, and you have been ducking him.

    • Whats there to be scared of?? You think Jones would be a lot more confident then Gus considering he Rocked him twice and came back in the championship rounds to dominate Gus after being tested in the first 2 rounds. He showed what it takes to be a True Champion and Warrior.

      • And now you had to go and ruin it. I'll give you a 'nice try' too, but not a 'sharp' this time.

        • At a Jones auction he'd bid on his underwear.

    • Chicken Bones? Chicken Bones coming from an internet warrior. You got nerve.
      Fallon Fox would have your ass scared.

      • I guess you told me, LiL Cee, you stud. I'll ignore the fact that you are on the internet as well, just a minor detail. BTW, I didn't say 'Chicken Bones', I said 'chicken bones'.

        Fallon Fox on the brain, bud. To each his own.

  • stupid comment. chuck in his prime KOs jones i dont give a fuck what anyone says in 5 rnd fight he clips him

  • Honestly Liddell has it coming. He constantly has been insulting Jones and talks about how he would fair against a fight that can never happen. Also Jones has a point Lidell should not be saying certain things since he is a ufc worker

  • Also chuck in his prime would get destroyed against Jones, anyone that's disagrees is a pure Jones hater

    • Anyone who thinks a Prime Liddell gets "destroyed" by ANY FIGHTER WHAT SO EVER IN HISTORY, is actually the idiot. Just saying.

      • Rampage did twice bro.

  • I seen the same thing happen in a movie where the champ was jealous of a retired fighter and trying the get him out of retirement, Oh yeah it was 1 of the Rocky movies lol

  • Jones destroys one trick pony Chuck, enough said

  • Jones vs Liddell? Might as well talk about if Bruce Lee would beat Mike Tyson, because it has the same chance of happening.

    If back when Chuck was the 205 champ, a fighter who had retired years before that, claimed that he would have whupped Chuck's ass, I think his response would have been similar to what Bones said, but with a lot more swearing.

  • Jones might be one of the most unpredictable fighters out there aside from Pettis. But he really needs to work on his media game.. 🙂

  • Bones will also welcome back Randy Couture, Jason DeLucia, Gerard Gordeau, Kevin Rosier, Ken Shamrock and Fred Ettish in fact he will welcome any fighters that is willing to come out of retirement BUT he will NOT welcome Cromier and Gus. Jones calls that ROLLING and that's…..Just…How….He….Does…it.