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POLL: Is It Time For Chael Sonnen To Completely Retire From Combat Sports?


Former UFC middleweight and light-heavyweight title contender Chael Sonnen came up short last night in his Metamoris debut against Andre Galvao, getting submitted by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu standout with a rear naked choke.

Not many people gave “The American Gangster” much chance of winning with him facing such a dangerous opponent. However, Sonnen’s high-level wrestling background did leave people to think he had a fighting chance of grinding out a draw with Galvao.

As we seen, that was not to be the case.

With his NAC ban in place, it’s going to be at least two years before Sonnen can compete in MMA again and at 37-years of age he isn’t getting any younger. Sonnen has already announced his retirement from MMA but is it time he called it quits from combat sports all together?

What do you guys think? Cast your votes and check out the results below:

  • yes

  • I personally never took interest in his fighting style but his verbal acuity is impressive. They should at least give him his analyst job back. Matter of fact, I would happily listen to him as a fight commentator.

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish. This clown did so much harm to the sport of mma. Just as it was getting to be a legit sport and not just some WWE rip off, Chael and Brock came a long. And see what the sport is today. DC and Jones being the best example. I get that the ufc was expanding their audience, but did they have to go for the WWE fans by copying the drama from WWE.

    MMA is a sport, it's not gladiator games, it's not about the drama, it's about who is the best at their sport. I'm so freaking sick of all that has come of the direction the ufc decided to take. Because of all this drama shit we now have to deal with ignorant fans like SpaceJam, we can't watch weigh ins or press conferences without being afraid of something shameful happening.

    So be gone and stay gone Sonnen, and I hope Dana and the ufc have learned their lesson from dealing with scum as you.

    • I see a lot of guys targeting Sapcejam as if he is justin bieber. The man has a right to express his opinion on this forum as this what it is for.

      Cheal Sonnen was not the only one who does the trash talking. There were many other before him so lets not dump all the blame on him.

      Secondly, if a stare down gets intense then be it. I doubt if the fans are actually scared of a bit of tussle during a stare down.

  • SpaceJam ain't no Justin Beiber. And sure the "man" has a right to express his opinion, but does he have to express the same opinion on every post? And does he have to use the faul language that he does? Didn't his mother teach him any matters? I think he's just a troll, and in the good old days of mma/nhb trolls like that would have been dealt with. But hey, when mma was still a honorable sport Chael would've been put in his place a long time ago. No way the old school fighters would've watched a prick like that. In the old days you had to walk the walk if you talked the talk.