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Bisping is not happy with the decision score for Wanderlei Silva


Michael Bisping feels that following his 15-minute stand up battle against Wanderlai Silva at UFC 110, that he deserved the victory. This was Wanderlei’s first victory at 185lbs and he looked like he hadn’t lost a lot of his power while cutting the weight.

Wanderlei Silva had the “The Count” in real danger several times and nearly finished him at the end of round 3 with heavy and precise striking. Wanderlei Silva controlled the fight more than we are used to see, with wild hooks and clinch knees, although Bisping feels he put forward a strong case to the judges.

“I don’t know,” Bisping said. “It was a close fight; personally I thought I won the first two rounds.”

Bisping feels he took Round 1 on aggression and effective striking and that the guillotine attempt in Round 2 wasn’t enough to award Silva the round with. Obviously he lost the 3rd round after the knockdown and some domination by Silva in the stand up game.

“Wanderlei did a great job, congratulations to him, full credit him on winning the fight. Personally apart from the guillotine and when I got dropped in the third, but apart from that as far as round two I didn’t really have any offense come my way. I felt I clearly won those first two rounds.”

Bisping has shown frustration in his recent record which stands at 1-2. Especially after he was so close to a title shot last year until he was brutally knocked out by Dan Henderson at UFC 100 and dropped out of title contention.

“I trained my *ss off. My team works really hard. We don’t put all this effort in to lose to a good fight or a good performance. Yes Wandy is a legend and I was very proud to fight him, but I’m a little disappointed right now.”

He also said how he wanted to make a swift return to prove his worth and would definitely consider a rematch. After this loss though he will need to fight more top fighters and win to hope to be back in contention in a stacked 185lb UFC division.

Source: MMAJunkie.com

  • bisping is a douche bag! and always will be!
    wanderlei clearly won the fight!

    that win should be a TKO bisping was done! at the end of round 3!

    but still in a desicion its clear wanderlei won 2 out of the 3 rounds if not the 3 rounds!

    most damage and trsikes round 1!
    submision almost complete at round 2!
    almost if not a TKO in round 3!

    most damage! most submisions attemps!
    agressive and push the pace!

    3 knockcdowns! when he kick the leg and grab the other one!

    Bisping should be ashame of himself after sayin he should have the desicion win of the judges!

  • Bisping is being a bit of a poor sport. Silva would have finished him twice had it not been for the bell. Once with a choke and once with strikes. Silva won 2 if not all 3 rounds.

  • The only thing Bisping has been doing is b*tching. I gave him the 1st round but Silva definitely won 2 and 3 hands down. I gave Bisping the 1st bec of the takedowns and Silva’s inactivity, but Silva won rounds 2 and 3 bec of the leg sweep takedowns in both rounds, the guillotine at the end of the 2nd, and the kncokdown at the end of the 3rd. If he would have charged with 15 seconds left intead of 10, he would have finished the fight bec after the knockdown, the elbow he followed it up with put Bisping’s lights out. One more punch and the fight would have been stopped bec he really wasnt defending himself once he fell. Anyone who thinks Bisping won that fight doesnt know how fighting is scored or is a Bisping nug-hugger. IMHO, Im glad W. Silva won bec he is one of my favorite fighters but also Im glad bec maybe some of these Brits will STFU about their great Michael Bitchsping and quit talking him up 10 times better than he is.

  • Earlier I made a comment about how Bisping was an ok guy. It seems he’s still a little bit of a douche at heart. Keep working on it Bisping and you will gain more fans.

  • LMFAO !!! Check out that picture. Bisping is wearing FUBU boxers !!! BWAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAA !!!

  • lmao, I suppose Wanderlei’s statement “nobody likes you anyway”
    will stay for a loooonnnggg time until he learns what a win is.
    I respect Hardy, but Bisping better be careful or he’ll get disowned by the British also. I dont see how anyone could see the decision differently.
    I could have sworn that fight was stopped before the 3rd round ended as Bisping wobbled back to the corner.

  • I believe there’s an underlying issue here. Possibly that he looked down on Hardy as himself being the top Brit and Hardy is more liked in MMA and is supassing his recognition.

  • I dont get it??
    Why is it funny??

  • It’s a clothing company for black people. FUBU stands for “for us, by us.”

  • Getting KO’d at the end and saved by the bell will tend to leave an impression with the judges. Bispbing is lucky that Wanderlei doesn’t let his hands go like he used to… He’s gun-shy about getting knocked out now I think. If he would have just thrown some punches…

  • Don’t really like either of them. But I’m thinking Hardy will soon be very famous as the first UFC fighter to ever be put in to know of those wheelchairs that you drive by moving eyes around for a computer, because George is going to make him a quadriplegic.

  • Honestly you don’t win an entire round by 1 uncompleted submission attempt. Wanderlei was not really doing much until the final 30 sec of each round and it would have been one hell of a boring fight had both of them fought like Wanderlei.

    What Bisping is saying is what every last fighter that loses a close decision feels after a fight, the difference is that Bisping just says so out loud and people can’t handle honesty, I mean Sonnen has the same problem with you guys that he just speaks his mind.

    I guarantie one thing, had Bisping pulled his head of of that guillotine before the end of round 2 he would have won the fight. Anyone care to argue that point?

  • Honestly you don’t win an entire round by 1 uncompleted submission attempt. Wanderlei was not really doing much until the final 30 sec of each round and it would have been one hell of a boring fight had both of them fought like Wanderlei.

    What Bisping is saying is what every last fighter that loses a close decision feels after a fight, the difference is that Bisping just says so out loud and people can’t handle honesty, I mean Sonnen has the same problem with you guys that he just speaks his mind.

    I guarantie one thing, had Bisping pulled his head of of that guillotine before the end of round 2 he would have won the fight. Anyone care to argue that point?

  • Bisping didn’t win the fight, but it was a close fight and all you people out there that hate on Bisping and Bum Wand need to realise that and give him his props.

    I don’t blame Bisping for being indignant, what do you expect after all the disrespect from Wand and the way his “Fans” behave. I’ve always liked Wand but choose not to verbally masturbate over him in chat rooms.

    Also something to remember about Wand is that he only started saying the only reason he fights is for the fans after he started losing. He mentioned it before, but wasn’t so tit’s gone about it. I’ve been watching his interviews for years so I watched the change happen. So you noobs who just got into the sport, a note to you. Watching a few highlight videos doesn’t make you an expert on the sport.

    Oh and one more thing, fighters say they disagree with refs decisions all the time, most don’t even bother to give the respect that Mike has after this fight. So stop complaining about his comments like he’s the anti christ, I’m sick to death of American fans “that’s all it is by the way, with the odd exception” slating Bisping, The Civil War is OVER. Can’t you just be happy that the U.K has a few good fighters now?

    There’s tons of cocky American fighters, maybe all the U.K fans should start complaining about every single thing they do? We’d have a lot more to talk about, that’s for sure.

    Weak + The amount of extra population the States has over the UK.

  • weak = hardy and bisbing sorry but they suck, you suck and nothing can change that.

  • I scored it 3-0 to Wanderlei… Bisping got take downs but so did Wanderlei. Also Wanderlei scored more clearer shots and also almost had a submission..

    Bisping didn’t do much, he was hesitating and looked like he was scared to trade punches with Wanderlei.

  • Bisping acted like a man at the end of his fight. Next day…and he’s back.

  • Weak = your rating.
    Sharp = mine.

  • Also you could at least learn to spell their names before you come on here like you know what your talking about.

  • His not happy with the judges decision?, he should be kissing the bell for saving his life in all 3 rounds, specially the 3rd one not only he got dropped, he got TKO the fight wasa over the refere did no stop the fight quick enough…

  • well I think he wrong if wanderlei wasn’t ko him at the end of round it would be 4th round…

  • Bisbing is the same winny little brit a loss is a loss and i admit he took down silva a hand full of time but honestly how much time did silva stay on the ground he would get up immidiately and the fact of the matter is that bisbing did land but none ever phased Silva.
    and silva did do the more effective moves like that guillatine and the the furry in bothe tyhe 1 and 3 rouunds.

  • well mike, you want to impress the judges? dont run away for 3 rounds.

  • agree totally, Wandi learned to feel out their style first, then go for the kill, but always to close to the end, he needed to back him into the cage earlier and reign blows sooner.

  • Holy double paragragh typing fiend, lol
    You must have been drunk or something, I remember also seeing Wand grab TWO leg kicks and sweep his leg and put him on his ass.
    Yes. those are considered takedown. Bisping was never close to ending that fight, yet Wandi with 10 more seconds would have choked him out IT WAS TIGHT! Then if 2 more seconds in the last round he would have been KO’D.
    I happy to argue that point also, you must be blind Krogan from patriotism….nothing wrong with patriotism, but come on man!

  • Not everyone sees blogs and any kind of crap talk, but the ALL saw the way Bisping acted at the presser.
    Think about it.
    If you want respect earn it & act like it.
    Also you base American fans from what you see here and thats not the majority.
    I have absolutely nothing against the UK

  • “Fricken unintelligent beyond understanding”
    Fkd UP Beyond Understanding
    something crazy.

  • oh well, cant blame me for not knowing that lol

  • I don’t mind Bisping, but I think he was his own worst enemy.

    I think he won the first, and Silva the 3rd. The 2nd was tough to score and close to even, but the judges have to give someone 10 points, so Silvia takes the round, and the fight on aggression.

    When Bisping is aggressive and tries to beat on people, he’s pretty good. But it seems as soon as he fights someone with big power, he gets defensive and tries to outpoint people.

    If his defense was better, this might work.

  • So ? what a stupid tosser you are. U think you know everything !?? Your comments are fkin retarded 95% of the time

  • your a fool urHype

  • You are correct, if there was 10 more seconds in the 2nd round, silva may have won. But there wasnt! And one tight guillotine doesnt take away from bisping’s striking the entire round…

  • He needs to get agrresive like he did against kang…as soon as he steps back and lets other guy control the space like he did with henderson he gets smashed…bisping still a legend, no shame in losing lo silva especially by decision, needs to come back strong and hit next guy with everything cos he got nout to lose now

  • it was a really close fight,but i think silva’s guillotine ,the two leg sweeps, and the knockdown at the end of the 3rd round won him the fight…

  • Fair enough, I didn’t say all American fans, just saying the majority of that particular group of thought are American fans. Also I thought he acted like a bit of a tit at the press conference, but this started months ago. Like I also said in my post, I wasn’t suprised that he acted indignant, I’d be pissed off by now too.

  • Bisping lost, and I THINK that guillotine was enough to win Silva round 2, if it wasnt for the bell Bisping would of tapped prolly and lost the fight all together never mind round 2!

  • dont worry Rick youll get happy in the same pants you got butt hurt in.

  • If you consider a fool being correct, then Im proud to be one.
    You obviously dont know jack about MMA, spouting a bunch of crap because your precious fighter got owned more than once.
    Go back to washing feet troll

  • I WILL say, Bisping is improving, he looked much better than he did with Henderson and that comes from fighting tougher competition.
    Very few get really good without some losses, and the UFC is full of tough guys now days. So if I say Wanderlei won, Im not being bias saying so, everyone can have their opinion, but I happened to see it the way the judges did, and personally think the ref didnt call it over right at the 3rd bell because he knew Wanderlei won also.

  • i thought bisping got saved by the bell all three rounds of the fight besides a couple take downs silva pretty much had the fight in his corner. bisping is just a poor loser. over rated in his early fights now that he is in the mix with the big dogs realty is getting to him. he should of tagged in rampage for help.

  • Silva did win the fight. Bisping won the first and was just about leading in the second, but that guillotine was on tight and he didn’t show any signs of escaping, but who knows? He certainly looked disappointed with himself at the end of the second. Again in the third he was doing ok, maybe Silva was leading with the sweeps but Bisping landed some shots too. Then the knock down looked bad. Bisping may have recovered in time and defended but it could well have ended up being stopped, but if the ref had stopped it there and then, it would have been a bad stoppage and he appeared very indecisive which confused a lot of fans.
    So you could say that at least once Bisping was saved by the bell and coming so close to a stoppage wins you the fight in UFC or Pride rules.
    Bisping’s dissapointed because he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and shouldn’t have let that happen. He can however take a lot of plusses from this fight. He looked better than ever and is clearly improving with every fight, he’s becoming much more disciplined, he gave a good fight to Silva despite most fans, even some of his own saying Silva would blow him away easily, and he’ll have learnt a lot from the fight. He needs a good, challenging fight next but he’s not ready for Markquardt yet, perhaps someone like Yushin Okami would be an interesting fight for him.
    Silva should get going against any middleweights he can. I think he can still give most people a real challenge and if he goes all out like he can, he could upset a lot of the top MW prospects.
    We’ll be back after the break.

  • bisbing sux ballz wanderlei almost knocked u out beeyatch

  • I think Wanderlei must have hit him harder than it looked,cause Bisping seems to have forgotten the 70% of the fight he lost.

  • Thought provoking analysis Max. We should all take time to dwell on that .

  • Lol!

  • Wand’s tactics were spot-on! Go mental when he hears the 10 seconds left signal knowing Bisping had nothing to offer in return! Bisping’s constant ‘defense’ and ‘counter-striking’ make it difficult for people to look good against him

  • bisping you tried but got beat, take it like a man stop the crying, hes a legend, i dont think this loss will hurt your career in anyway. good job bro!!!

  • Some fighters use this as an advantage to get into the mind of their opponent.

    Bisping does it 24-7. Real D-bag..