Fans will be tuning in for Yoel Romero regardless of the promotion he competes for.

That certainly seems to be the case with Bellator as the combat sports world erupted in excitement with the news that Romero would be taking on fellow signing and knockout artist Anthony Johnson in the quarterfinals of the newly-announced light heavyweight tournament.

That bout is set to take place at Bellator 257 which takes place April 16.

It’s a fight that many observers have speculated as well as called for ever since both fighters were signed to the promotion recently and it looks like Bellator is striking while the iron is hot.

And for Romero, the fan reaction only shows that people will be tuning in for the fighter, not the promotion.

“The reaction of the fans is always going to be the same, it doesn’t depend on what company the fighter is in or where the fighter is fighting at, but more on what the athlete has done,” Romero said during Bellator’s press conference. “The fans will follow you not because of the company or league that you’re competing in, but what the athlete has done. I think the reaction from the fans it’s a reflection of the work that Anthony and I have had outside of Bellator and even outside of the UFC.

“I’ve humbly been competing since 1997, I fought in Strikeforce, then UFC, and now I’m in another big company which is Bellator. I think that’s the reaction of a fan base that’s been following you for many years. It’s obvious that the fan base is aware of the legacy that Anthony Johnson has, as well as myself.”

Both Romero and Johnson’s body of work is certainly well-documented. Their exciting fights have also made them fan favorites, so it won’t be a surprise to see many tuning in to Bellator for the first time either.

Let’s just hope it turns into the fight we’re expecting and not like Romero’s last outing.

What do you think of the fan reaction to Romero vs. Johnson?