Fabricio Werdum Destroys A News Reporter With One Kick

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There are probably quite a few fighters in the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) that would want to get their hands on certain news reporters, but not often do we get to see it happen. There was that time that Alistair Overeem booted a kid, then the time ‘The Demolition Man’ choked and kicked female reporter, and then that time he punched some tiny dude, while I think about it, what the hell is going on with Alistair Overeem? Anyway, back to the point, Werdum seems to have switched up to the Overeem method of training as he blasts a reporter with a solid kick.

‘Vai Cavalo’ challenges Cain Velasquez for the unified heavyweight championship at UFC 188 this coming Saturday (June 13th, 2015) in Mexico. This reporter may have been willing to take the low kick that clearly knocked him for six, but Velasquez will provide a lot more of a challenge, especially in the stand up. Werdum might want to make the most of this funny moment in the gym, as it may be the only knockout he scores this week.

Enjoy the hilarity courtesy of Aaron Tru, the unfortunate soul who was being booted in the video.