Wanderlei Silva Responds to Chael Sonnen’s Challenge: Let’s Go!

It didn’t take long at all for Wanderlei Silva to respond to Chael Sonnen‘s statement on last night’s “UFC Tonight.” Sonnen declared he would indeed stay at 205, and to fight Silva in a bout that has been a long time coming. Much has been made of the brutal trash talk Sonnen has spewed forth about Brazil, and ‘The Axe Murderer’ has taken noticeable offense. Silva tweeted his response today, along with the now infamous video that started their beef:

This should be a fight that is inevitably booked by the UFC, and could bring a bit of legitimacy back to Sonnen’s outspoken game. He’s looked a bit silly talking a big game before being destroyed by Anderson Silva and Jon Jones in his last two bouts. While Sonnen will have a better chance against Wand, never count the former Pride FC champion out. We’re still awaiting word from the UFC, but both sides appear ready to make this bout a reality. More on the details as they arise.