Vinc Pichel issues dire warning to Ismael Bonfim ahead of UFC 301: ‘I’m going to start stabbing people’

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On May 4, Vinc Pichel is showing up in Rio ready to throw hands whether his opponent misses weight again or not.

After their UFC Sao Paulo scrap fell apart on the scale, the promotion rebooked the bout between Pichel and Ismael Bonfim that was originally scheduled to go down last November. Bonfim stepped on the scale three-and-a-half pounds over the lightweight limit for their initial booking, resulting in the cancelation of their fight.

Speaking with Hyon Ko of The Allstar, Pichel offered some insight into Bonfim’s massive weight miss and his decision to turn down the fight.

“When I went to weigh in, him and his little sh*thead friends were sitting at the door, eating, like they were doing it on purpose,” Pichel said. “So this is in my next now. First of all, I don’t trust f*cking USADA testing Brazilians because they’re a third-world country and let’s just leave it at that. I know most likely he’s using IV bags. He’s in his home town and now he’s trying to cheat in my eyes by not making weight.

“A pound or two is acceptable. That’s understandable. You tried. That motherf*cker missed weight by five pounds. You’re blatantly trying not to make weight. That’s on purpose to me.”

Vinc Pichel

Though he would have walked away with 30% of his opponent’s purse, Pichel ultimately decided to decline the fight, depriving Bonfim of collecting any kind of a paycheck. Unfortunately, the decision also left Pichel in a bit of a financial bind.

“That happens and we say, ‘Okay, f*ck that. We’re not taking the fight.’ I got up to Bonfim and I’m like ‘F*ck you. You f*cked up. You’re not fighting now you piece of sh*t, so go f*ck yourself.’ We do that and I walk away and leave,” Pichel said. “I didn’t get paid for a week or two. Eventually, they gave me the money, but they took my expenses out of the money so I got even less. That money was barely enough to get me by until right now. If I didn’t have this fight with Bonfim on May 4, I was going to go get a job because I can’t pay my bills.”

Vinc Pichel

Vinc Pichel’s feels the UFC punished Him for not accepting the fight

Vinc Pichel hoped that the fight would be rescheduled for another fight card a few weeks down the line. When the promotion decided to put Bonfim on the back burner for a bit, the Lancaster, Cali native sought another potential opponent. When that didn’t happen, Pichel felt like he was being disciplined despite being the one to show up and make weight.

“Am I being punished too because I said no to that fight? Because if so, then f*ck them,” Pichell continued. “I love the UFC and they’ve really helped me a lot and changed my life, but if they’re going to be like, ‘I’m helping you so I can treat you like sh*t,’ then they can suck my d*ck. I don’t give a f*ck about anybody in that matter.”

Vinc Pichel

With the Bonfim fight now rescheduled for UFC 301 in Rio de Janeiro, Pichel warned that there would be dire consequences for ‘Marreta’ if he doesn’t show up on weight and ready to go.

“I’ve told my manager if he doesn’t make weight this time, I’m kicking his ass in the hotel and they (UFC) can cut me and I don’t care,” Pichel said. “F*ck the UFC at that point. I’m walking away at that point and his friends aren’t going to stop me, I’m going to f*ck them up too, I’m going to start stabbing people, and you might not see me again. I’m going to f*ck people up.”

For Vinc Pichell, it will be his first time competing inside the Octagon since an April 2022 loss to Mark Madsen. Overall, Pichell is 14-3 in his mixed martial arts career, and 7-3 under the UFC banner. Before his loss to Madsen, ‘From Hell’ had won three straight, besting Roosevelt Roberts, Jim Miller, and Austin Hubbard.

“Long story short here we are again hopefully this bum makes weight,” Pichel concluded.