It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, December 17th, 2017) will come from in the form of UFC on FOX 26. Headlining the card are Robbie Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Jan Blachowicz vs. Jared Cannonier in a light heavyweight bout closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1. In round 1, Blachowicz breaks the clinch and exits to space. Blachowicz working off his jab, lands a slapping left hook. Nice low kick from Cannonier, but he’s having trouble putting his longer punches on Blachowicz so far. Right hand from Blachowicz. Cannonier with a front kick but he’s not forcing the pace that would typically tire Blachowicz. In round 2, Cannonier still having success with his lowkicks, but just not finding a lot else so far. Cannonier back up quickly without taking any damage. But he’s headhunting a lot and still finding limited success doing it. Cannonier up but ate short hooks all the way, and then poked Blachowicz in the eye. Just bought himself a break. Blachowicz still landing hard shots, Cannonier stalking forward and not finding any avenues for success. Blachowicz lands a shot and hits a big takedown. In round 3, Blachowciz with one of his better swarming flurries to start round 3, but Blachowicz immediately backs him off with jabs. Cannonier lands a hard overhand. Cannonier lands a right, ate a body kick though. Really feels like some body punching would have helped Cannonier early. Blachowicz with another takedown and Cannonier seems like he’s going to accept guard this time. The judges gave Blachowicz the decision win.

Darren Stewart vs. Julian Marquez is next in a middleweight bout. In round 1, Marquez landing hard elbows as Stewart reaches for a takedown he didn’t have the positioning for. Stewart pouring on offense, throwing wild hooks. Stewart can’t fight at this pace and keep his gas tank, but I don’t know Marquez can either. Another takedown from Stewart and he’s on Marquez’s back. This is definitely the version of Stewart I like to see, Marquez tried for a counter step knee and got taken down, but he’s up and both men are landing bombs. In round 2, Marquez pressuring behind big shots. Landed an overhand right and jumped on a standing guillotine. Jump knee from Marquez and an elbow behind it but he’s emptied his gas tank going for that guillotine. Stewart landing a knee and an elbow and a big right and these guys only know how to throw power shots. Stewart just dropping shots on Marquez in the pocket. Marquez goes for a takedown, can’t get it. Marquez throwing hooks off the break, Stewart in on a desperate takedown from distance. Marquez going for a front headlock guillotine and gets the tap.

Chad Laprise vs. Galore Bofando is next in a lightweight bout. In round 1, Bofando dropped Laprise with a big right hand but is back up. But Bofando has made his statement early. Laprise closing the distance and he’s got Bofando in the clinch. Ripped him down and right into side control. Laprise now in mount and Bofando trying to kick his legs over Larpise’s arms. but he doesn’t have the flexibility for that. Laprise is lighting Bofando up from mount. Bofando seems stuck and there’s the TKO for Chad Laprise.

Nordine Taleb vs. Danny Roberts is next in a welterweight bout. In round 1, Nice head kick from Taleb and Roberts is out cold. Roberts trying to fight everyone right now but he can’t even stand up. Has no idea he went out cold.

John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo is next in a lightweight bout. In round 1, Trujillo with a couple looping right hands. Makdessi with a decent counter on that last one. Trujillo with a busted single leg attempt from too far out. Couple left hands from Makdessi, Trujillo landed his own shot. But Makdessi staying in tight and landing more short hooks. Huge righAnd there’s a groin kick from Makdessi. Trujillo is now blind and hobbling.t hand from Makdessi as Trujillo was leaping in and it floored Trujillo hard. In round 2, Head kick from Makdessi, but not much behind it. Good counter left hand as Trujillo tried to step in. Trujillo gets the takedown but couldn’t create offense off it. Landed a couple hard hooks as Makdessi stood up through. And a hard jab to stop Makdessi’s pressure. Makdessi has been pawing at his eye now, seems like those jabs may have messed him up a bit. Good counter right from Makedessi as Trujillo swarmed. Makdessi otherwise pot shooting, but Trujillo has landed some good offense working behind his jab.In round 3, Makdessi with the counter as Trujillo stepped into the pocket and dropped him briefly. Makdessi back to controlling the center. Another counter left from Makdessi and Trujillo is having so much trouble planting his feet because of his left knee. Makdessi with the counter as Trujillo stepped into the pocket and dropped him briefly. Makdessi back to controlling the center. Makdessi picked up the decision win.

Alessio Di Chirico vs. Oluwale Bamgbose in a middleweight bout opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary card. In round 1, Bamgbose a little tentative to start. Interesting to see how long that lasts before he decides to start throwing leaping hammerfists. Left hand from Di Chirico, Di Chirico staying tight in the pocket, looking to counter. Step elbow and a knee from Di Chirico. Staying technical and picking good shots early. Bamgbose went for a wild spin kick, Di Chirico stepped into it and took him down. Even without throwing, the amount of bouncing around and moving backwards Bamgbose does looks tiring. In round 2, Right hook and a left from Di Chirico and a knee and Bamgbose is out cold on his face.

The only fight on the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Jordan Mein vs. Erick Silva in a middleweight bout. In round 1, Mein coming out throwing kicks and pushing the action. Silva shooting and has Mein up against the cage. Mein with the hip toss, as Silva got complacent on the body lock. Silva scrambling back up and they’re back at range. Silva landed a couple hard shots that put Mein on his heels, Mein answered with a great straight right hand that backed Silva way off. Mein backing Silva to the fence, digging away with hard shots. Silva is getting tagged up right now. Silva unable to get the takedown and they’re in the clinch again. Mein drops into the pocket behind hard body shots, landed a nice couple uppercuts. Silva with a nice body kick but got it caught. In round 2, Silva lands a winging right hand and follows with some pressure, but he doesn’t have the combinations or energy to keep it up. Long left hook from Mein and he’s in on a low single. Silva just kinda tipped over looking for a guillotine. Mein in guard and the elbows are incoming. Silva trying for the sweep again and can’t get it and he’s getting drilled by right hands. In round 3, Silva just looking tired and desperate. Mein in half guard now, and into mount. Good position for Silva to escape from, but he’s too tired. Mein now on his back. The judges gave Mein the decision win.

Here are the results:


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Light Heavyweight: Jan Blachowicz def. Jared Cannonier via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Middleweight: Julian Marquez def. Darren Stewart via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:42 of R2

Lightweight: Chad Laprise def. Galore Bofando via TKO (punches) at 4:10 of R1

Welterweight: Nordine Taleb def. Danny Roberts via KO (Head Kick and Punch) R1 0:59

Lightweight: John Makdessi def. Abel Trujillo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Middleweight: Alessio Di Chirico def. Oluwale Bamgbose via KO (knee) at 2:14 of the second round


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Welterweight: Jordan Mein def. Erick Silva via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27) R3 5:00


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