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ufcLowKickMMA has been bringing you UFC news since 2006.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s largest MMA promotion and LowKickMMA provides daily UFC news and exclusives.  Beginning in 1993 the UFC introduced organized and sanctioned MMA to the United States. The promotion set out with the goal of finding the ultimate fighting champion pitting all disciplines of martial arts against each other in a tournament-style with a champion crowned on the night.

Since then the UFC and its ruleset have evolved to what you see today. A rankings system where fighters compete climbing the rankings to attain a championship belt. With health and safety for their athletes being a number one priority, The UFC in 2015 partnered with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to independently monitor testing of its athletes.

Producing the largest stars in the MMA space such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Nate Diaz and Jon Jones, The UFC continues to cement itself as the premier organization in the sport and as the largest Pay-Per-View event provider in the world.

Here at LowKick MMA we provide you with all the latest updates from the worlds leading mixed martial arts organization.

Which BJ Penn will show up at UFC 127?

BJ Penn will be facing a more than worthy challenge against Jon Fitch at UFC 127.

Jorge Rivera issues a formal apology to Michael Bisping

With just a few days until UFC 127, Jorge Rivera has issued Michael Bisping a formal apology for the videos ''El Conquistador'' released in the past few weeks. Jorge's apology comes in the way of a song. Rivera will meet Bisping inside the octagon this Saturday night, the bout will serve as the co-main event, with BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch as the headline. UFC 127 will take place in Sydney, Australia.

Does Jon Fitch really need the UFC Welterweight Title to be considered an MMA...

Former UFC Welterweight title challenger Jon Fitch will look to make a bold statement this weekend, facing the multi-time UFC Champion BJ "The Prodigy" Penn at the UFC 127 headliner in Sydney, Australia. The fight is expected to determine the identity of the number one contender for the UFC Welterweight Crown. This could be the second time for Jon Fitch being on his way for a title fight, previously getting battered by Georges St. Pierre during five rounds at UFC 87, back in 2008. Since then, Fitch went

KSW 15: Bad Night for James Irvin, Great Night for Neo-Nazis

(Seven pounds over, and dropping his shorts just in case. Positivity’s a great thing, James, but sometimes you have to meet it halfway. Props: mmanewspl) Just...

Kharitonov: I would advise Fedor Emelianenko to be more active

When will be your next fight? Do you play to fight outside the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP? Until the GP Semi-Finals I'll definitely have 2-3 fights. I want to keep myself in a good shape. You can always train hard, but without competing it will only have a negative effect during the fight.  I had four fights during the recent months. I'm always in shape, and always ready to fight, both physically and mentally. So I think in this case more is better. And I would advise the same thing to Fedor

Strikeforce World Heavyweight GP could be put on hold

According to a report from Sherdog, the Strikeforce World Heavyweight Grand Prix may be put on hold.

Photo of the Day: When Fedor Met Alistair

(“Although he always wondered what it tasted like, Fedor couldn’t bring himself to accept Alistair’s offer to try horse meat.”) Nothing we can say about this photo from yesterday’s Strikeforce...

MMA GIF Party: Fedor’s Translator Is Losing Her Goddamned Mind

(“See my to-do list? It say, ‘translate stupid question from plaid-shirted American.’ Now I have done.”) Man, Fedor Emelianenko‘s translator Tanya really needs her own CBS...

GSP Talks about the UFC 129 fight against Jake Shields and his upcoming movie...

UFC Welterweight Kingpin Georges ''Rush'' St. Pierre talks about his next opponent Jake Shields, where GSP admits he will be more nervous than ever....

Fedor’s coach Vladimir Voronov says the Hypnosis Interview is a “total bullshit”

Last week, Russian website LifeSport.ru (via MMAMania.com) quoted Fedor Emelianenko's SAMBO coach Vladimir Voronov saying that Fedor Emelianenko was defeated by Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva because he was hypnotized by someone sitting in the crowd at the IZOD Center. However, in an interview to MixFight.ru, Voronov declared he never gave the controversial interview: "I was really surprised by these reports. First of all, I never gave any interviews after the fight. We were on our way out of the airport, when a