UFC Brazil General Manager Giovani Decker has decided to part ways from the fight promotion, citing his issues with the promotion’s treatment of Brazilian fighters as of late as a key reason for his decision.

The UFC Brazil Vice President and GM took to his official Instagram account yesterday (Friday, October 28, 2016) to point to recent decisions regarding title opportunities, such as the current case of interim featherweight champ Jose Aldo, as one of the motivating factors for his decision:



“Ones: today official rumors information “leaked” in the media 09.30.2016 my UFC command output in Brazil. The reasons are many, but I will cite as major lack of autonomy to do my job well done, and the latest decisions involving Brazilian fighters in Belt dispute routes. I appreciate the opportunity given me by the UFC were amazing 18 months ahead of the organization in the country, where among various achievements, I had the opportunity and pleasure to lead the UFC 198, the biggest MMA event in the history of Brazil, with 15,000 people in the weighing and over 45 thousand people at the event, the third largest in UFC history.

“I am very grateful to athletes who have always had a special affection to me, understanding that I was there to help them and guide them … know all you guys that I did too learned from all of you guys! Fans of the UFC my thanks for always positive energy to my work and my person … keep every moment of these as unique in my life! Know all the MMA won a fan practitioner (and clumsy is true, kkkk) and that will always be rooting for this sport to the UFC for fighters in general and the Brazilian fighters in particular! ALWAYS TMJ! OSSs”

Decker was named UFC Brazi’s VP and GM in March of 2015, and the UFC has yet to comment on the official’s departure.