UFC 231 Results: Valentina Shevchenko Edges Joanna Jędrzejczyk


With two title fights on tap the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada will be rocking as the Octagon is in town. We have all of the UFC 231 results here.

When the world leader of MMA travels to their neighbors in the north, they always come proper. UFC 231 is no exception. With 13 fights in total, two of which are highly anticipated title fights, tonight could prove to be a pivotal night of fights for the William Morris Endeavor promotion.

The co-main event will give us the first of two title fights on the evening.

Former strawweight queen Joanna Jędrzejczyk looks to become the first women in UFC history to capture two titles in two different weight classes. She looks to rebound from two straight losses at the hands of Rose Namajunas.

As for Valentina Shevchenko, she will finally get the chance to compete for the flyweight title after months of waiting for the previous champion to get in gear.

Round One

Jedrzejczyk pumps the jab to start the fight. Shevchenko seems to be waiting for her moment. Jedrzejczyk is pumping the jab nonstop here to start the fight. Shevchenko clinches and tosses Joanna to the ground. She mounts Jedrzejcyk but Joanna sneaks out the back. The women are back up to their feet. Valentina clinches and gets double under-hooks on Joanna. She lands a hard right hand on the break. One minute left in the opening round and both women still look fresh as can be. Joanna still pumping the jab. Valentina lunges in with a super women punch. The round ends with the women tied up.

Round Two

Joanna throws a leg kick to start. Shevchenko throws a push kick to Jedrzejzyk’s head. Both fighters look to be incredibly fast tonight. Jedrzejyk throws a wild overhand right but “The Bullit” evades. Jedrzejyk is getting off first but Shevchenko is countering nicely. Again Joanna moving forward but Shevchenko is answering blow-for-blow. Valentina clinches Jedrzejyk and uses a body lock to slam her to the canvas. She works her way to side control and lands a slashing elbow. 30 Seconds left in the round. Shevchenko is much stronger than Joanna. She blasts a hard knee to Jedrzejyk and throws her back to the ground. The bell sounds.

Round Three

Shevchenko throws a double front kick to start the third frame. Jedrzejyk pumps the jab and eats a heel kick. Valentina moves forward and lands a right hand. Shevchenko throws the front kick again like she is determined to land it. Joanna lands a head kick but pays for it as Shevchenko lands a hard inside leg kick. The women trade front kicks. 90 Seconds left and Shevchenko looks to take the fight to the ground. Jedrzejyk defends the takedown. Shevchenko looking to counter and time Jedrzejyk’s jab. The round ends with the fighters on the cage.

Round Four

Like clockwork, Jedrzejyk comes out firing the jab. She is constantly pumping it even if it is just to obscure Shevchenko’s vision. Shevchenko lands a counter right hand. Jedrzejyk throws a kick and Valentina catches it and uses it to get the fight to the ground. Jedrzejyk basically just stands up but she is still in the clinch of Shevchenko. Shevchenko lands a couple of knees and looks to better her position. Just over one minute left in the round and both women have slowed a bit. Jedrzejyk spins free. Shevchenko attempts a spinning back kick, Jedrzejyk evades. The bell sounds with the women trading shots.

Round Five

Valentina lands a right hand to start. Here comes the jab from Jedrzejyk. Shevchenko lands a kick to the body. She clinches and locks the body of Jedrzejyk. She lands some knees to soften up Jedrzejyk. The fight stalls up against the cage. The referee breaks up the fighters. Jedrzejyk lands a one-two and follows it up with a leg kick. Valentina again throws a spinning back kick. Shevchenko sticks a hard right hand. Both women throwing but Shevchenko starting to let it go. She gains the upper hand on the cage and lands an elbow on the break. Shevchenko cracks another spinning back fist. The fight is over.

  • Valentina Shevchenko defeats Joanna Jędrzejczyk via unanimous decision (49-46×3)