UFC 200 Is Official For July 9, 2016 In Las Vegas

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With the UFC’s landmark 200th show rapidly approaching, and such a stacked winter of events still in the near future, there hasn’t really been an inkling of when UFC 200 will go down. With the strongest line-up in recent history upcoming in the form of UFC 192 through 195,there really hasn’t been much time to ponder on the thoughts of the next milestone event for the world’s largest MMA promotion.

That’s all changed now, as an official date and venue for the show has been announced. UFC president Dana White saved the best until last, as he sprung the news of UFC 200 at the closing moments of the UFC ‘GO BIG’ presser this afternoon (Friday September 4., 2015):

“Alright, we got one more big announcement for you guys, UFC 200 is offical for July 9th, 2016, in the new Las Vegas arena, right over the road from here. 20,000 seat venue, and it’s going to be international fight week too,”

This is absolutely huge for fight fans who have been speculating on the when and where of UFC 200, especially considering the still-record holding UFC 100 pay-per-view smash. White also told that no main event or line-up was available for announcement at this time.

We could well see a new crop of champions at the UFC 200 show, as most of the titles go on the line later this year. Whatever the case, just having a date for UFC 200 to pencil in the diary is amazing!

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