Tyron Woodley Finally Honours Tattoo Bet, Jake Paul Responds

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley

On Monday, former UFC 170lb king Tyron Woodley revealed a new finger tattoo, inscribed with the words “I Love Jake Paul” – coupled with the tagline:

“I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders. @jakepaul #ManOfMyWord



Prior to the 39-year-old Woodley’s split decision loss to loudmouthed Youtube sensation Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul, the two pledged a pre-fight wager with the loser of the bout required to get a tattoo of the victor’s name on their body. After some initial resistance from ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley, it now appears he has conceded to make good on his pre-fight promise.

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Always with his finger of the Twitter trigger, Cleveland’s Paul was quick to respond to the 5’7” Woodley’s stunt:

“1) Tyron got the wire from the fight. 2) Tyron bought a used Bentley. 3) Tyron got on a call with his accountant. 4) His accountant told him how much money he had to pay in taxes. 5) Tyron got the tattoo.”

While the tattoo was pre-agreed upon, Paul appears to indicate that Woodley only got his new body art as a ploy to angle for a future rematch. Whether or not the fresh ink will be Woodley’s golden ticket to another lucrative showdown is yet to be seen. Woodley is yet to comment on Paul’s retort.

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Will Tyron Woodley’s new ink get him a rematch? Or does Jake Paul have bigger things on his horizon?

Let us know in the comments below!