Tony Ferguson’s Message For Concerned Fans: ‘It’s Not Your F*cking Problem’

Tony Ferguson Hoping

Tony Ferguson is tired of questions regarding his mental state ahead of UFC 238 this Saturday in Chicago, Illinois.

Ferguson will collide with Donald Cerrone in a fan-friendly contest on the event’s main card. The fight takes place just a couple of months after the former’s personal issues came to light. “El Cucuy” was reported to be displaying mentally unstable behavior, resulting in his wife filing a restraining order. That restraining order has since been dropped while Ferguson seems to have moved past his personal problems now.

But even still, Ferguson dismissed claims that he may not be ready for this weekend’s fight:

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“When have I ever not been ready to take a fight? I’ve been doing this sh*t for a long time,” Ferguson told MMA Junkie in a pre-fight interview. “I’ve seen the ups and downs from a lot of different things. … I’ve been around the block, man, to see what’s going on and I know how to bounce back from anything.”

While Ferguson might be ready, there are still fans and media members concerned about his mental state. However, the former interim champion had a staunch message for anyone worried about him:

“I tell them to f*ck off,” Ferguson added. “Stop worrying about sh*t you can’t handle, man. It’s not your f*cking problem. You really want to f*cking worry about how I am? Buy my f*cking pay-per-view. Send me some money, send me whatever, I don’t give a f*ck.

“But quit asking me dumba** questions. You want to keep asking me those questions, I’m going to say f*ck you. Straight up. I’m back, motherf*ckers.”