UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz claims he ‘lost everything’ in the 2020 stock market crash: ‘It’s hard for me’

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz claims he 'lost everything' in the 2020 stock market crash: 'It's hard for me'

Ex-UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz says he “lost everything” as a result of the 2020 stock market crash.

Between February 20 and April 7, 2020, stock market indexes around the globe plummeted due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With global shutdowns and no cure in sight, the markets became highly volatile, resulting in panicked trading and steep declines of 10% or more. Things got particularly hairy during a three-day period in March 2020 when the selloffs were so severe that circuit breakers were activated on the New York Stock Exchange to temporarily halt trading.

NYSE crash of 2020

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ shared his thoughts on border control before explaining how the 2020 crash was responsible for destroying his version of the American dream.

“It’s not just Mexicans that are coming across the border. People don’t understand that. There’s children trafficking, there’s drugs that are coming across. All the cartel that are doing the things that American people don’t like, and you can see, all across the border, in Texas, Arizona, California, it’s shambles, and what the border control or, excuse me, the border patrol can’t take care of. And it’s because of the legislation and the policies that the Biden regime is doing right now.

“It’s sad for this country. And I hope people listen to me, as a blue-collared man that has to relocate here in Florida, open my own business, Tito’s Cantina Tequila Bar & Grill, here in Cape Coral, to redo the American dream, because I lost everything after 2020. And it’s hard for me because I’m still trying to take care of my children as a blue-collar man. People, we need to come together, we need to make sure we make America great again” (h/t BJPenn.com).

In response to the crash, the Federal Open Market Committee slashed interest rates to zero, and Congress unveiled a $2.2 trillion fiscal stimulus package. By November 2020, the stock market was back at its January levels.

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Tito Ortiz’s restaurant has a history of Horrible Reviews and health code violations

As for Tito Ortiz’s restaurant, the Tequila Bar and Grille was hit with five health code violations a mere three months after opening, including:

  • Raw animal foods not properly separated from each other in holding unit based on minimum requirement cooking temperature.
  • Toxic substance/chemical improperly stored by clean plates

The report also noted a dishwashing machine that was being used without any type of proper sanitizing substance. You can read more about all the violations, including a handful of horrid reviews right here.

Tito Ortiz at his restaurant

We’re sure the 2020 crash had a rough impact on Ortiz financially. Many others were put in that same position, but we can’t imagine it was so severe that he couldn’t afford something as simple as dishwashing detergent to make sure his restaurant customers weren’t eating a meal tainted with remnants of food from previous patrons.

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Tito Ortiz's restaurant
Tito Ortiz's restaurant
Tito Ortiz's restaurant