Renzo Gracie takes out two muggers on the streets of New York City

UFC Veteran Renzo Gracie took out 2 alleged muggers last night as he was walking the streets of New York City. To add insult to the injuries of his two assailants, the Brazilian Jiujitsu Legend tweeted the entire incident.

In combatives and firearms classes, this author has often told his students the following paradigm: “If you look like food you will be eaten.” This tends to hold true in most areas of the world as criminals tend to prey on victims that appear to be weak or distracted. Apparently, Gracie’s attackers did not get that memo.

According to the 6th degree BJJ Black Belt, the two men started following him for a few blocks at 3:00 a.m., and  before they moved in, the fighter knew what they were up to.

Within five minutes the two assailants make their move as Gracie points out:

Then the altercation really starts:

Actually, New York City has banned the carry of firearms for over 100 years based on a law called the Sullivan Act and the current mayor is Bloomberg. At least this time, the good guy won.