Rafael Dos Anjos challenges the training partner of former UFC lightweight and featherweight champ Conor McGregor to a fight that will be up for some big money.

Leading Up

The feud between RDA and Dillon Danis all started after the former UFC lightweight champion had some harsh comments about the UFC 229 brawl. RDA took to his official Twitter account where he called Danis a “nobody.” This led to Danis responding to RDA by challenging the former UFC champion to a fight.

Rafael Dos Anjos Challenges

Now, with Danis being serious about, RDA decided to take it one step further by offering a formal challenge. This includes putting big money on the line. He wrote the following on Twitter:

“Why don’t we do like you said to Kevin Lee? I put 100k you put 100k I can go to your gym or you come to my, we jump in the cage with no time whoever walks out take the 200k #yourmove.”


For those who may not remember, this feud has some history behind it as they have beefed before through the power of social media. Dos Anjos was supposed to defend the UFC lightweight title against McGregor in 2016. However, this fight got nixed once RDA pulled out with an injury. It would lead to Eddie Alvarez getting the title from Dos Anjos and McGregor later beat him at UFC 205.

Once Upon A Time

Danis recently brought up how Kevin Lee told MMAjunkie Radio that a $100,000 jiu-jitsu match with him was planned. This never happened though. However, Danis didn’t forget about it and brought the talk to life.

“You said you tapped me in a straight roll so I challenged you to show the world what you said was true while making 100k, I see a scared man here backing away from his words now bow down to the king of Jiu Jitsu.”