video: Power Slap Fighter ‘Turp Daddy Slim’ Shows Off gnarly facial injury following Latest event

Power Slap

So you want to be a slap fighter?

Maybe not once you get a glimpse of the gnarly injury that Austin ‘Turp Daddy Slim’ Turpin is sporting following his slap battle with Wolverine at Power Slap 5 on Wednesday. Taking to social media, Turpin showed off his horrifically swelled face less than 24 hours following his unanimous decision loss at the promotion’s latest event.

As nasty as Turpin’s facial injury is, we can’t help but wonder what kind of damage his brain suffered taking repeated blows to the head without the option to defend himself. Particularly when you consider that the promotion has been criticized by fight fans for paying its competitors as low as $2,000 to show and doubling it in the event of a win.

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Going into Power Slap 5, ‘Turp Daddy Slim’ was undefeated at the podium with four straight wins, three coming by way of knockout. Aside from aspiring to be the best slap fighter in the world, Turpin’s official profile proclaims that he’s “also here for the chicks.”

Full Results for the Power Slap 5 main card

Whether you love it or loathe it, the Power Slap 5 event was littered top to bottom with vicious knockouts and back-and-forth clashes. The main card, featuring four title matches, was especially exciting with each of the contests delivering exactly what slap-fighting fans were looking for.

  • Vern Cathey Defeats Bear Bennett By KO In Round 1
  • Wesley Drain Defeats Travis Aragon By KO In Round 1
  • Ryan Phillips Defeats Darius Mata-Varona Due To Disqualification
  • Sheena Bathory By Christine Wolmarans KO In Round 2
  • John Davis (49-46, 49-46, 48-46) Defeats Azael Rodriguez By Unanimous Decision
  • Wolverine (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) Defeats Austin Turpin By Unanimous Decision 
  • Damien Dibbell Defeats Nate Burnard By KO In Round 1
  • Da Crazy Hawaiian Defeats Kalani Vakameilalo By Knockout In Round 2