Nick Diaz’s escapades have captured the undying attention of the media throughout the course of his storied career, but never more so than now. After getting popped for marijuana metabolites after his UFC 183 fight against Anderson Silva, Diaz was hit with a very controversial five year ban by the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission), leading to an ongoing debate about the Commission’s alleged abuse of power and unfair punishment.

Diaz is a fighter, pure and simple, and has never portrayed himself as anything else. He doesn’t do well in interviews, isn’t one to try and promote himself in a certain light, and I guess that’s the allure that has led to his cult following over the years. All this and more have led to the media storm in the last week since his hearing.

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Essentially taking away his only form of revenue, the NAC has opened a can of worms that’s seen two fighters, so far, boycott Nevada, bantamweight boss Ronda Rousey take a stance against them, and over 40,000 signatures on a petition to ‘Free Nick Diaz”’. See that page here.

After 14 years as a fighter, 37 pro fights and countless brawls and classic quotes, the MMA world has to seriously ready itself to never see Diaz in action again. Some might not mind that fact, but it’s hard to deny his impact and influence on the sport of MMA over the years.

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Diaz’s legal team will attempt to appeal the NAC decision and, with that in mind, one question sticks out more than any other….