ONE FC says goodbye to confusing rules for soccer kicks on downed opponents

Following the controversial ending of Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia this past Friday, ONE FC has implemented a rule change. The bout ended in a “No Contest” due to the promotion’s rules on the use of soccer kicks: ONE FC has decided to eliminate the rule all together.

ONE FC’s rule set combines the North American unified rules of MMA with the soccer kicks and stomps of Pride, however fighters must wait for a referee’s open attack signal before using the more violent maneuvers on a downed opponent. Arlovski had floored Sylvia with a big overhand right and landed a pair of soccer kicks to the head and shoulder. In almost any other MMA promotion this would have been a win for Arlovski via TKO. However, in this instance, the referee had not given the “open attack” signal and when Sylvia could not continue; it was ruled a no contest.

ONE FC officials have wisely decided to adopt the same rules as used in the former Pride Fighting Championships where soccer kicks are allowed at all times when an opponent is grounded.

The promotion made this announcement via Twitter: