The UFC Venum gear is finally here!

Fans now have access to the first wave of Venum gear on the UFC’s website. The new fight night collections include several pieces for the men’s and women’s lines. Not deferring much from the “leaked” images we’ve seen, the line will likely provide nostalgia as the UFC returns to its roots.

Many feel the design improves the gear available compared to the Reebok partnership’s previous offerings. The line offers walkout hoddies, walkout jerseys, variations of fight shorts (for men), pants (men), and hats. The women’s line also adds two styles of bras but only one style of fight shorts.

Pricing, however, has not changed. A walkout hoodie will set you back $150, while a walkout jersey sells for $80. Additionally, the available colors are limited. The fight shorts are available in the most variety of colors (green, blue, white, red, yellow, black, and the champions gold/black). All other items are only available in black, white, or the champions’ yellow and gold.  

Fans can purchase personalized walkout hoodies and jerseys or their favorite fighter’s gear for an additional cost. However, don’t get excited if your favorite fighter is newer to the roster. It appears that only ranked fighters and champions are currently available. Fighter gear will set you back $100 for the walkout jersey and $175 for the walkout hoodie. Fans can also purchase champion’s apparel in the champion’s black and gold or in just black or white. 

So far, the fans’ reactions are mixed. While some feel the new UFC Venum gear improves the UFC apparel from the previous Reebok offerings, others see little change. Still, others continue to lament that fighters cannot include their sponsors on the kits.

The fight kits will debut this upcoming weekend at UFC on ABC 2.

Are you excited to get your hands on the new UFC Venum gear?

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