In our UFC Rio Rancho co-main event, welterweights Michel Pereira and Diego Sanchez meet head-to-head.

Round 1:

Sanchez starts with a front spinning kick that just missed. Pereira responds with knees to the body. Some big front kicks to the body land for Pereira. Sanchez lands a right hand in response. Another front kick to the body lands for Pereira. A right hand connects for Pereira. More attacks to the body from Pereira. Pereira ducks a spinning backfist and gets into the clinch, but lets go. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Pereira catches Sanchez with a flying knee on his way inside. Sanchez walks right into a right hand as well. Sanchez blitzes forward but can’t land. A shot to the body hurts Sanchez, and now Sanchez is in on a takedown attempt. Pereira catches Sanchez with a big right hand shot. Pereira catches Sanchez with a superman punch and knee to the face. The round comes to an end with a big takedown for Pereira from the back clinch.

Round 3:

A front kick to the face lands for Pereira. Pereira now knocks Sanchez down and is trying for ground-and-pound, but gets up and lets Sanchez stand. Another flying knee lands for Pereira, who just misses on a front kick to the body. Pereira gets a clinch and is delivering some big knees to Sanchez against the cage. One of them seems to have landed on the head, and Sanchez is busted open big. The knee was illegal and the doctor is looking at the cut.

Official Result: Diego Sanchez def. Michel Pereira via R3 DQ (illegal knee, 3:09)