Bisping vs Le at Fight Night 48 was a bloody battle, but the drama hadn’t even begun yet…..

The mess surrounding disgraced UFC middleweight Cung Le is yet another smear on the reputation of modern MMA. The Sanshou master tested positive for HGH (human growth hormones) in the wake of his UFC Fight Night 48 TKO loss to Michael Bisping, and has likely lost a lot of fans in the process.

Indeed, Le’s pre-fight comments have not done him any favors either. His former opponent “The Count” has come out with his opinion on the controversial matter, as he spoke with

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“Fortunately, I won the fight,” Bisping said. “If I lost, I would be outraged and would have more to say. I don’t want to kick a man while he’s down. He has to explain this to his kids. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for him and everyone: this is not a road one should take. In some ways, I feel bad for him and he has to pay the consequences.”

Ed note: The UFC confirmed today that Le will in fact face a 12-month ban for his Fight Night: Bisping vs Le drug test fail

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The English middleweight has been paired with four other (now) known users of PEDs or TRT; Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort. Unfortunately for “The Count”, he lost all of those fight. In hindsight, you have to respect the Brit, even if you don’t like him, for his game attitude.

“He tried to cheat me out of a victory,” he said. “If I would have lost to him, I wouldn’t be fighting Luke Rockhold in the main event, people would probably be asking me to retire … He tried to cheat me out of a lot. I’m glad the UFC is doing what they can to clean up the sport.”

Bisping will look to improve his streak on November 7th in Sydney, as he faces long-time rival and former Stirkeforce champion Luke Rockhold. “Rocky” has never failed a drug test, and it’s highly unlikely he will be juicing for this fight, but I suppose you never know…..

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