UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has taken to his Believe You Me podcast to clarify some ‘unfactual’ comments made by a certain Conor McGregor. The two traded blows in a recent Twitter exchange where, after some initial sparring, ‘The Notorious’ opted to issue a low blow towards Bisping’s tarnished relationship with his former management team.

In the podcast, the former 185lb title-holder offers some narrative in the spat between himself and his ex-management, citing the souring conditions and the lengthy lawsuits that proceeded it (which Bisping claims to have subsequently won). 

Special mention is made of how the group rocked up to Bisping’s mother’s house while he was due to throwdown with Chael Sonnen in Chicago, circa January 2012. According to the Hall of Famer Bisping, while the team maintained that they were at the address to ‘present papers’, ‘The Count’ describes the encounter as a ‘veiled threat’.

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McGregor’s tweets have since been deleted, yet, Bisping has offered his recollection of the broil:

“Conor comes back and says, ‘Oh you’re a real big man, are you? They came knocking on your mum’s door and you legged it to America.’” 

Still, the accusations of abandoning his mother have done little to unnerve the 42-year-old commentator, who highlights how he had already moved Stateside approximately six months prior to the altercation.

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“Number one, it’s hilarious because it’s completely unfactual and incorrect. Secondly, it’s even funnier because you’ve got no banter, you’re just gonna go straight for the personal, you’re gonna go straight for the jugular and come out with incorrect factual stuff.

I don’t wanna keep it going, it’s kinda settled down now. But I just thought that one point I had to address. I couldn’t even do that on Twitter, there’s not enough characters!”

In an uncharacteristic move, the Cyprus born Bisping appears to have no intention of adding fuel to the fire. However, the born maverick couldn’t resist the temptation of getting one final jab in on the former ‘champ champ’:

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“Anyway, listen, McGregor, as I said the other day, rest up, heal up, get back in the Octagon and just leave my name out your mouth, pal.”

What do you think of this spat? Is McGregor burning all of one’s bridges?