Opening up the UFC Vegas 17 main card is a heavyweight clash between Marcin Tybura and Greg Hardy.

Round 1: Both fighters clinch up momentarily but return to striking. Tybura is landing a couple of nice body kicks. Hardy lands a right but Tybura eats it. Hardy connects with a leg kick but Tybura counters by rushing forward with a blitz. Tybura is having plenty of success with his striking but neither fighter has been seriously hurt yet. Hardy lands a nice body shot and follows it up with a hook that seems to have caught Tybura’s attention. The momentum is now with Hardy as he connects with plenty of strikes. Tybura goes for the takedown but Hardy defends and unloads a barrage of right hands. Tybura somehow eats them all and remains on his feet. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Tybura is having early success in the second round as he lands a couple of left hooks. However, Hardy is doing well with his countering and appears to be much faster as of now. Tybura slips a Hardy strike and goes for a takedown but Hardy defends it once again. Tybura is mixing things up with kicks while threatening with the takedown. However, he is still yet to hurt Hardy. He goes for a deep double leg takedown and finally manages to take Hardy down. Tybura starts to land a number of hammerfists and Hardy isn’t doing anything to defend them. The referee calls an end to the fight.

Official result: Marcin Tybura defeats Greg Hardy via TKO (R2, 4:31).

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