Lyman Good Already In Talks For Next Fight After Recovering From Coronavirus

Lyman Good
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Lyman Good is looking to get back into the swing of things.

It was recently revealed by the UFC welterweight that he had contracted the coronavirus. He was originally set to face Belal Muhammad at the now-postponed UFC 249 event this past weekend only to withdraw through injury.

That injury actually turned out to be the coronavirus making Good the first contracted UFC fighter to have contracted it.

“I knew something was up. I know my body,” he said. “I’ve been through it all. I’ve been through a lot of injuries and a lot of other things. But this was different. As a professional athlete, we’re always constantly pushing our bodies. For me, my body was like my point check to see how physically I feel and everything. And my body just wasn’t there at all.”

Luckily, it wasn’t serious for Good as he has now fully recovered. His next plan of action is to get a fight and he’s already in the process of doing just that.

“Malki (Kawa) my manager called me yesterday, actually, discussing what the plans are moving forward,” Good told TMZ (via BJ Penn). “We’re definitely in the talks with the UFC right now for an upcoming fight.

“We just needed to get this out of the way and be in the clear. First and foremost, the way the UFC and my management and my coaches have been telling me, health is important, that’s the most important thing. So now that that’s good, we’re ready to move forward.”

If he does get the clear, it is certainly possible he could fight Muhammad as planned on the newly-proposed UFC 249 card set to take place May 9.

What do you make of Good competing right after recovering from the coronavirus?

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