Leon Edwards is no longer keen of a fight with his bitter rival, Jorge Masvidal, after seeing ‘Gambred’ get knocked out cold by Kamaru Usman at UFC 261.

‘Rocky’ stretched his win streak to nine by beating Nate Diaz over five rounds at UFC 263. Edwards boxed up the UFC fan favourite for the majority of the history-making five-round fight but had to survive a scare in the final frame as he was wobbled late.

The Englishman insists he has done enough to earn a shot at the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, who is the last man to defeat Edwards.

“Let’s say they do give Colby the title shot, I’m not fighting no one else unless it’s a title shot. That’s just it,” Edwards told the UFC’s John Gooden. “I’m not gonna start fighting 10, 11, 12 fights and still ain’t got a title shot. I’ve earned my way. I didn’t b*tch and moan when I took my loss against Kamaru. I worked my way back up to now have a 9, 10-fight win streak. I feel like I deserve it.

“Colby went and got knocked out for the title shot, went and got a weird win, and now is back in for a title shot, which is f*cked up. It is what it is but let’s say they do give him the title shot, then I’ll fight the winner later on this year but I’m not fighting no one else.”

A fight between Edwards and Masvidal has been talked about ever since the pair got into it backstage at UFC London in 2019. ‘Rocky’ says he’s done chasing after the BMF titleholder and will only accept a fight with him if a lot of money is put on the table.

“I know they’re talking about Masvidal but I’ve been asking to fight Masvidal f*cking two or three years ago,” Edwards said. “Like, running him down but he kept turning me down and saying ‘Nah, I don’t want to fight,’ even though the UFC wanted it. Now I feel he’s just been chinned for the world title, I don’t feel I need to do that now. I’ll wait for my title shot. I worked hard to get here and that’s just more time to plan.”

“Let’s just see how it plays out,” Edwards added. “If they come to me with a good deal and good money, probably. I might think about it. But right now my mind is totally focused on the world title shot.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

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