Jorge Masvidal takes shot
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Jorge Masvidal wants to prove that he can defeat Ben Askren at his own game as well, which is why he is open to a grappling match in the future.

Masvidal made one heck of a statement as he defeated Askren with a flying knee knockout just five seconds into their UFC 239 welterweight matchup this past weekend. Leading up to the fight, “Gamebred” spoke of how he wanted to punish Askren for 14 minutes before delivering the final blow. However, he later revealed why he decided to go for the flying knee instead.

Masvidal Says Askren Can’t Hold Him Down

Even if the knee had missed and Askren had taken him down, Masvidal was confident in getting back to his feet. Of course, there is no way of knowing that now. But the Miami native would love to prove it by grappling with Askren sometime.

“I love to wrestle, and I would’ve loved to prove that against this guy that he can not hold me down,” Masvidal told Radio (via MMA News). “I’m going to have to grapple him one of these days. When I’m bored of this fighting stuff and I need to make some quick cash, I’m going to call him up, ‘yo Ben, I’m going to spank you up bro, in some grappling just to show you who the alpha of alphas is.’ It might sound real rude and [like] I’m out of my mind, but in a five-minute setting or in a cage type setting grappling, I could give this guy hell man.

“…It’s not that I’d like to grapple him, but I know I could beat the dude. Do I care for it? It’ll happen, I’m sure, one day. Some promotion will call us up. Offer us some money for me to drop this guy on his face, and I’ll prove to the world he wasn’t going to win that fight grappling either. I know it and he knows it, but I’m showing it to the rest of the motherf*****s watching.”

The two still don’t like each other, so it’s hard to see a future grappling match happening anytime soon. However, it would certainly be interesting to watch. Masvidal also recently took part in a grappling match with Anthony Pettis last month which ended in a draw.

Do you think Masvidal would get the better of Askren in a grappling match?