Jonathan Goulet Had to Choke a B*tch Out

(It looks like Tito isn’t the only UFC fighter who keeps his pimp hand strong.)

I don’t know if it was due to boredom from hearing the the same old answers and cliche quotes regurgitated back to me by fighters, but a while back I began asking interview subjects strange arbitrary questions and have been paid back in kind with strange arbitrary answers.

Some notable anecdotes I’ve been told:

– No matter if he’s at home, on a bus, on a plane or on a train, Pat Barry can only fall asleep while wearing a pillow case tied around his head.

– Eric “Red” Schafer has a stalker in his hometown in Wisconsin. He is male and likes to break into his car and sniff his shoes and gym clothes.

– Jason MacDonald was originally slated to be on TUF 3, but was beaten by Kalib Starnes at an event in British Columbia just before the final selections were made for the show and was replaced by “The Running Man” that season.

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When interviewing UFC welterweight Jonathan Goulet for a recent feature story for, as usual, I decided to throw a wild card question into the mix.

“Outside of fighting, what is the last thing that happened to you that absolutely terrified you?” I asked Goulet, hoping he would oblige my random question with an equally random answer. He did.

“It’s funny you ask,” he told me with a laugh. A few weeks ago I was in the dog park. I was following my dog closely because there was a pit bull in the park and I didn’t want my dog to fight with that killer. He’s a Scottish terrier, but he is like Napoleon. He always fights with boxers and bigger dogs and I’ve been bitten a few times because of him. Everything was going well until a family with little children and a poodle came into the park,” Goulet explained. “The children were maybe three or four years old and were running around screaming and having fun and the pit bull started to get really anxious. I was worried about the children being around this dog, but since they weren’t mine, it wasn’t my place to say anything about it.”

“The next thing I know, there is screaming and yelling and panic and the dog has gotten vicious and is growling. I didn’t even think; I looked over and I saw that the dog had something in its mouth and I thought for sure it was a kid, so I jumped on top of it and got him in a rear naked choke. I stood him up on his back legs and I put all of my weight on him. Eventually, I realized that he only had the poodle in his mouth,” Goulet said. “He wouldn’t let go of it and I didn’t let go of him either. I didn’t want him to get mad at me and bite me on my face or to hurt someone, so I finished the choke and he passed out. When he did, he let go of the poodle, which was hurt and bleeding really bad. Even after he passed out, and I let off the choke, I didn’t let him go until the owner grabbed his chain.”

It’s likely safe to say that if Goulet can choke out an animal with a neck as strong and muscled as the pit bull pictured above, repeating the same feat on Marcus Davis, whom he faces in his next fight at UFC 113 on May 8, should be a piece of cake for the French-Canadian.